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Can wearing HECS® make me safer when in the vicinity of dangerous animals and fish?

While HECS® will not claim to prevent animals from becoming aggressive or attacking and causing harm, reducing our electrical signature can reduce the chances of aggressive encounters with some animals. We have often seen reduced aggressive behavior from dogs, bears, and other large “predatory” animals. Many times they act more confused than aggressive when they encounter a person wearing HECS® technology.

Sharks are well known to sense electrical radiation from their prey during attacks so it stands to reason that eliminating those fields could naturally reduce the chances of a negative shark encounter.

IMPORTANT! Animals and fish (such as sharks) are very unpredictable and there are many factors that can trigger aggression. HECS® will not keep you from being attacked! It is always the responsibility of the individual to exercise caution and common sense when in areas where dangerous animals are present. HECS® technology is nothing more than a tool to help reduce the chances of aggressive animal behavior. Realize and accept that it is still completely possible to be attacked by an animal or fish while wearing HECS® technology and HECS® assumes no responsibility for any individual who is harmed while wearing our technology.

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