Electrical Energy & Bioelectricity in Humans

Electrical Energy in Humans and What It Means for Outdoor Recreation

What is Bioelectricity?

It’s true. The human body produces electricity. However, it’s not in the same way electricity flows when you flip your light switch. That type of electricity is generated by electrons (negatively charged particles) flowing through a current. The human body produces electricity chemically. This is done mostly through positively charged ions such as potassium, calcium and sodium.

All of our bodily functions are controlled by the electrical signals that are generated in our body. As a refresher, remember that everything is made up of atoms. Atoms are made up of protons (positive charged), electrons (negative charge) and neutrons (neutral charge). When these get out of balance, this will dictate whether the atom is positively charged or negatively charged. Additionally, when an atom makes a switch between one charge to the other, this lets the electrons flow from atom to atom. This is what we call electricity. Our bodies are made up of massive amounts of atoms, which means we generate electricity.

You’ve heard about your nerves sending signals to the brain. Well, this is done through electrical impulses carrying messages from point A to point B. Instead of a wire sending an electrical current, your body generates electricity through its cells. This means an electrical charge jumps from one cell to another. This happens fast, and you understand how fast. Think about one of the times you stubbed your toe and how instantly you felt the pain. That electrical pulse went from your toes to your brain in an instant. This is a basic understanding of how electricity runs through our bodies. It controls all of our bodily functions, from pain signals to muscle movement and more.

A man in camoflauge using HECS technology to hunt an Oregon coyote

Electricity dominates our life, even before humans discovered how to use it for technological advancements. The majority of species on earth generate electricity. It’s how our bodies function. So, what does this mean for outdoor recreation? It’s a detail that’s overlooked, but what if wild animals are still sensing your presence, even if you’ve masked your scent and concealed yourself well?

Blocking the Human Electrical Field for Outdoor Recreation

Our bodies are full of electrical signals. With the information above, it shouldn’t be a surprise that we emit electromagnetic radiation (EMR). That’s nothing out of the ordinary. After all, it’s a natural occurrence. For people who enjoy the outdoors, our electrical emissions can actually cause problems that until fairly recently were not well understood. We now know that most animals birds and fish have the ability to sense the electrical emissions from other living beings and they use this to confirm if they are looking at a living being or inanimate object or movement. This tip-off activates the animal’s natural survival instincts and they react accordingly.

What if there was a way to conceal your bio-electric signature? Many hunters use scent control tactics and visual camouflage to help them blend into their surroundings on a visual level, but if a person is still emitting Bio-electrical energy they can still get busted by a wary old buck. Fortunately blocking the human energy signature is easy with the help of the patented technology found in all HECS fabrics.

HECS has incorporated the tried and true Faraday Cage principle into innovative fabrics that contain a conductive carbon fiber grid that is specifically sized and shaped to capture the human energy signature.

A hunter holding an elk by the antlers in the woods

How HECS® Makes the Difference

Take your ordinary microwave oven. Microwaves are a good example of a Faraday cage. you see the grid in the door of the microwave has a small specifically shaped grid of conductive material that is sized and shaped to stop the wavelength of electrical energy that the device produces to cook food.

The grid in all HECS fabrics works basically the same way. When our electrical energy contacts the HECS grid it can’t pass through and is held in the grid as capacitance until the suit touched a grounded object where the energy is then released to the ground.

HECS® clothing doesn’t make you invisible, however blocking your electrical emissions will help you get closer, stay there longer undetected, and help you get away with more movement than you ever thought possible. Animals will also be generally calmer (assuming you have the other environmental conditions right and are quiet) and sometimes you will see confused reactions depending on the situation. HECS is perfect for hunters, wildlife photographers, biologists, outdoor enthusiasts, or really anyone looking for a more natural less impactful experience with wildlife.

Holding a turkey by its legs and a compound bow in the background

Along with our patented technology, our clothing provides the comfort you’re looking for too. Our fabrics are lightweight, breathable and durable, plus they can be machine washed without affecting their purpose. HECS® has revolutionized the outdoor apparel industry through innovative ideas that benefit outdoor enthusiasts. Our clothing will change your experience for the better. Check out our line and enjoy the outdoors.

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