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Welcome to the HECS Affiliate program

HECS is patented and proven technology that has been helping hunters, wildlife enthusiasts, bird watchers, researchers and others get closer to nature, have less stress on the wildlife while staying concealed in a way that was never before thought possible.

HECS utilizes a specialized conductive carbon grid that is woven into all HECS fabrics. This grid is designed to stop your bodies naturally occurring bioelectrical output. Only living beings emit these fields through heart rate muscle movement and basic biological functions and science now recognizes that these fields are not only perceived by many animals birds and fish, but they are using these emissions to tell living beings and movement from inanimate ones. Learn more about HECS hunting products – 

For more information about HECS Wildlife products –

HECS is offering an opportunity for influencers across the spectrum of hunters and wildlife users to use the product at a discounted rate. They can then tell the world about their added success while using HECS technology and share in the sales they create.   HECS has two different websites depending on your area of influence. is specialized in our hunting product line. HECS has been changing the game for hunters since 2010. While we had initial push back, from hunters who didn’t understand how the technology worked, now HECS is widely accepted as a patented and proven advantage for hunters around the world. has products for non-hunting wildlife customers such as bird watchers, hikers, and nature enthusiasts who are looking to have closer safer interaction with wildlife while also adding less stress on the animals.       

HECS Affiliate Program Details:

7% Commission on every sale
30 day cookie duration
Average order value of $200+
No restrictions on products or categories
We are developing and releasing new products all the time.
Be sure to check us out online at or depending on your interest category to fully understand how HECS works, and how our technology can change your experiences in the field.
25% discount on HECS products for personal use only to all approved affiliates.
Sales tracking & payouts managed by AvantLInk

We look forward to your partnership!

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