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If you are lucky enough to have a bear tag for this season, you’ll want to make sure everything is perfect and you have every advantage to help you fill your tag. Hunting bears is no easy feat, and HECS® dual-concealment camouflage clothing is truly a secret weapon to ensure your hunt is successful.

When it comes to bear hunting, experienced hunters understand the patience, skill, and knowledge it takes to successfully hunt these incredible predators. Bears of all sub-species have a particularly keen sense of their surroundings, which is why hunting bears takes unique skill and a tactical approach. Staying undetected at close range is a critical factor that every bear hunter must address. Perhaps more than any other big game species, bears are sensitive to the electrical fields given off by other living beings in their environment. HECS® Stealthscreen technology addresses this fact and gives hunters a totally new experience in the wild. HECS® utilizes patented technology that actually blocks your body’s natural electromagnetic frequency. Bears use these naturally produced emissions to tell living beings from inanimate objects, so by blocking your electrical energy, you will look more like an inanimate object and will stay undetected longer. This incredible advantage can be the difference between filling your bear tag and ending your hunt empty-handed.

So can something as simple as technical clothing really make a difference in my bear hunt? Absolutely! Whether you plan on taking a spring bear trip for black bears or grizzlies just out of hibernation or are waiting to harvest a big brown or polar bear this fall, the preparation that includes the best bear hunting camouflage is vital to your success.

Bears are tough survivors, and they have evolved to have one of the most incredible arrays of sensory organs to help them to prosper in some of the harshest environments on the planet. All bears have legendary noses but they also have incredible hearing and good eyesight. A hunter must defeat all three of these senses before success can happen. But there is a fourth sense that hunters commonly forget about (or may never have known about) that is equally important, especially when the bears are close.

You see, every living, breathing animal emits an extreme low-frequency electromagnetic energy field through heart rate and especially through muscle movement. This energy is confirmed for the bear when they are looking at a living being or movement as opposed to inanimate ones. HECS® uses a patented weave of conductive carbon fiber that effectively blocks this energy at the source and makes you appear more like an inanimate object to the bear. This lets you get away with more movement and safely approach much closer than ever before.

Even in areas where bears are plentiful, for many hunters, just spotting a bear in the wild is a phenomenal accomplishment. With this elusive big-game animal, how can hunters, especially those with their first bear tag, hope to bag this predator? HECS® hunting clothes provide total camouflage both on the optical and electrical plane. No other bear hunting camouflage does this, and there is no other way to get this level of concealment. Each piece of HECS® outdoor clothing does more than help you blend into your surroundings because it conceals 2 important levels. HECS is the first ever duel-level concealment technology. We like to say HECS is True Camo!

How Wearing the Best
Bear Hunting Camo Factors In


Bears are hunted in a variety of ways, but the most common are baiting, and spot and stalk. In a baiting scenario, the hunter commonly sets in a tree stand or on the ground typically 20-30 yards from the bait. Without HECS® bear hunting camouflage, a hunter must be very still and quiet because bears are always extremely aware of their surroundings. It is not uncommon for bears to approach and abruptly leave the area several times before committing to the bait if they ever do at all.

Spot and stalk is the practice where you see a bear feeding at a distance and the hunter attempts to sneak in close enough for a shot. This is by far the most difficult method of bear hunting but can also be the most rewarding when successful. For hunters who need to stalk close, such as bow hunters or short-range firearm hunters, the bear’s uncanny ability to sense when other animals are close by means other than hearing sight, or smell, is often times the difference between a successfully filled bear tag or a quickly departing bruin.

In a baiting situation with the technological advantage of HECS® technology, bears are typically much more relaxed and will rarely spook unexplainably, as is so common with hunters using traditional bear hunting camo. Also, the hunter can get away with considerably more movement even when the bear is at close range.

The same goes for spot and stalk. The bear is generally much calmer, and even if it does notice the hunter approaching, it is much more likely to just look for a couple of seconds and ignore the hunter. Wearing our bear hunting technology blocks the body’s natural electrical energy, so the hunter is not perceived as a threat, allowing closer distance and more free movements that go undetected. HECS® bear hunting camouflage is a proven and patented technology that really works. Just check out our videos and other information to see for yourself what the HECS® advantage can do for you on your next outing.

Why Getting the Best
Bear Hunting Clothing Is Important

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Our team of researchers and scientists has worked to learn more about the science of animals. The focus has been on how all animals, birds, and fish, live and interact within their environment and how they react to minor changes in their electrical environment. This is a relatively new area of research, but the findings continue to add incredible understating to the importance extreme low frequency (ELF) electromagnetic fields have on the living world.

Electroreception in sharks and rays is the most well-understood and documented. These species use specialized external organs to detect the electrical fields of other living beings, however, it is now known that many if not most other species have some capability to detect and actively use ELF to aid in their survival as well. Science has discovered that Birds and most recently canines and bears have the highly electrically conductive protein Cryptochrome in their eyes which allows them to physically see ELF electromagnetic energy fields. This is used for navigation as well as finding prey.

There are several theories on the mechanism used in mammals to detect these fields. The most widely excepted theory with mammals involves the highly conductive element magnetite that exists in the brains of most mammals and is more pronounced in the more migratory animals like deer, elk, and caribou. Due to a large study conducted in 2016, we now know that bears see your energy visually like birds so that is why we have seen almost unbelievable results with bears just as we have with birds like turkeys and waterfowl. Since the electromagnetic field produced from the earth is an ELF that is very similar to that which is produced by living beings, animals that have highly developed migratory patterns generally are also more sensitive to these fields and use this sense for the detection of danger as well. Science is still gaining an understanding of the mechanics, but there is no doubt with animal experts that many creatures have the ability to sense electromagnetic signals and use this information to enhance their daily lives.

What Makes the Best
Bear Hunting Camouflage?

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HECS® camo and gear are designed and made for hunters, by hunters. We know what goes into every hunt, which is why we set out to create a product that will improve your experience on every level. You can have a much more successful season this year with HECS® hunting camouflage clothing technology. With a hunting suit system from HECS®, you can have a new advantage you never thought was possible.

We provide total camouflage technology including shirts, pants, head covers, gloves, socks, and more. Each HECS® product features our patented carbon grid technology woven right in. Get your HECS® Stealthscreen gear in time for your next bear hunt and experience the HECS® advantage for yourself. More than just camo, it’s Truecamo®……..Its HECS®!

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Bear Hunting Apparel Gets Hunters Closer

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Start off bear season the right way with HECS hunting camo and our Stealthscreen technology. We have the exact gear you need. We carry camouflage suits, base layers, head covers, and gloves, which all feature our patented, carbon-grid technology to block the electrical signals your body emits when it moves.

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