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When it comes to deer hunting, hunters understand how important it is to stay undetected. An experienced hunter would tell you how difficult it is to stalk and hunt any of the 5 deer species found in North America. Deer habitat varies across the nation however one thing holds true- Getting as close as possible maximizes success. Not only do you need to stay undetected from the deer themselves, but also from all the other animals that can alert deer to the hunters’ presence. You can take your concealment efforts to a whole new level with a patented, conductive carbon-grid technology that’s woven into fabrics used in hunting gear that blocks your body’s natural electrical emissions. No matter the sub-species all deer have the ability to sense the electrical emissions from other living beings and they use this to confirm living beings from inanimate objects. More time, effort, and expense are invested in the pursuit of this iconic species than any other game animal in the world. Having 21st-century technology built into your hunting clothing will significantly tip the scales of success in your favor this fall.

Get Ready for Deer Hunting
Season With the Right Gear

Get Ready for Deer Hunting Season With the Right Gear #

We all know deer have senses that are far more advanced than humans and they use everything they have to avoid hunters and stay alive. No matter if you’re after a reclusive old whitetail buck in the Eastern US or a wary old mule deer buck out west, all deer are hyper-aware of their surroundings and they know their home range like you know your backyard. They are hard-wired to instinctually react to any strange noise, smell, or visual cue, and even spiking electrical energy will cause deer to instantly react to avoid danger. That’s why beating all of the deer’s senses simultaneously is so incredibly difficult and it is also why deer are America’s number one game species to hunt.

They are just an incredible challenge if you need to get in close. Different types of deer have different traits, but the one thing they all have in common is their uncanny ability to sense the presence of danger in their immediate surroundings. Have you ever wondered how that old buck just seemed to know you were there even though you were completely concealed, were totally still and silent, and had the wind in your favor?

Hunters have long referred to a deer’s “sixth sense” because of this very common deer reaction and we now know that is indeed the sixth sense that they use to bust thousands of hunters all over the country every year. We now know the reason for these reactions is that deer are actually sensing the natural electrical output that all living beings (including humans) emit from basic bodily functions like heart rate and muscle movement. Until fairly recently we had no idea why that whitetail buck suddenly looks up at your tree stand when all the conditions are right or why mature old mule deer bucks always know when you are inside of 40 yards. The reason is when they sense a shift in their electrical environment they know that they are near another large living being and their survival instinct kicks into high gear. HECS multi-level camo clothing is the only product out there that can actually mitigate these reactions. That means HECS is the best deer hunting camo and adding it to your toolbox will bring much more success in the field.

Why is HECS multi-level concealment the best camo when hunting deer?

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HECS is the best camo and designed to hunt deer, and these are some just some reasons why it works:

There are several species of deer that are hunted each year. Whitetail deer are by far the most hunted deer species, making up roughly 82% of the total deer hunting in the United States. Mule deer, Blacktail, Couse whitetail, Sitka blacktail, and Columbian whitetail make up the remaining deer species hunters pursue each fall. All of these deer live in vastly different habitats and have different habits, but one thing is true of all deer- they are extremely wary, and getting close for any length of time is very difficult.

The whitetail is arguably the wariest species probably because they are the most intensely hunted. With whitetail one of the things hunters see often is when a big buck is heading their way, the deer will oftentimes just look up in the hunter’s tree stand for no apparent reason. The wind can be right and the hunter can be silent and motionless yet the deer seemingly just knows the hunter is there. For years this was a mystery but it’s a problem that has plagued hunters for centuries. Once the deer does this invariably the next reaction is either foot stomping and snorting (which also alerts all the deer in the area that something isn’t right) or the deer will turn and bolt away. We now know that in many cases the reason the deer is acting this way is that he senses the presence of another large living being in close proximity by the bioelectric energy that we are emitting. His instincts kick in at that point and it gets really hard for the hunter from that point forward.

Hunters see similar reactions from the other deer species as well. A great example of this is stalking mule deer (or even Blacktail and Coues deer for that matter). Bowhunters know that getting into the range of a bedded mule deer is the ultimate challenge. Once a hunter gets inside about 50 yards of a bedded buck experienced hunters know that the stalking becomes extremely difficult and it is usually not long before the deer senses your presents and comes up on the run.

This makes for very difficult archery shots! Bowhunting hall of fame member and arguably the most successful bowhunter of all time on giant mule deer, Randy Ulmer, once told me that when stalking mule deer he simply never tries to get inside of 40 yards of any mature bedded buck. The reason is “they will just know you are there if you try to push in to close even if every condition is in your favor.”

Again the culprit is the electrical emissions that our bodies naturally emit through heart rate and muscle movement. Adding to that is if the hunter is getting excited as the distance closes. You see the faster your heart rate the more bioelectric emission you have making the situation even worse. Once that buck (no matter what the sub-species) senses the change in his electrical environment he is hard-wired through eons of evolution to instinctually react and work to either put space between himself and that field or at the very least move to positively identify what is emitting the energy. Once this happens coming home with that buck is exceedingly difficult for the hunter. The fact is almost all experienced deer hunters have seen the results of biosignature recognition but it is only in the past 15 to 20 years that science has finally figured out the cause of this phenomenon.

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Fortunately, hunters now have a great option for stopping their bioenergy emissions. HECS patented technology uses a proven conductive carbon fiber grid that is designed specifically to capture the human biosignature, hold it in capacitance and then route it back to the ground every time the hunter touches a ground object.

On top of that HECS has developed an exclusive digital camo pattern we call HECStyle which helps hunters blend in on the visual level as well as eliminate your presence on the electrical level. This makes HECS the first multi-level concealment system ever developed and it makes HECS Stealthscreen the only true camo on the market and without a doubt the best deer hunting camo you can have. HECS is more than just another camo pattern, HECS is true camo!

You still have to beat the other well-known senses deer possess like the scent, sound, and excessive movement, but with HECS you will typically see a more relaxed animal that tends to stay in the area for a longer period of time. If a hunter is spotted, they should stay still and remain quiet because many times the animal will simply look for 30 to 60 seconds, then go back to their normal activities. As most hunters have seen while wearing hunting camo without HECS technology, the deer will relentlessly stare head bob, stomp feet, and snort in these situations. Once this happens all the deer in the area will become alert as well and chances are your hunt is over at least for a while. With HECS technology in play, this happens far less often and many times what would have gotten you busted in the past will turn into a great high percentage shot opportunity! In the end that’s what every hunter is looking for.

The Advantages of Using the Best Deer Hunting Camo

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This is what goes into the best deer hunting clothes and gear:

Scientific Research

So, how does the best deer hunting camo work? There’s a lot of scientific research that has shaped it into what it is, but it’s easy to break it down.

Medical science has known for decades that all living beings emit an extremely low-frequency electromagnetic field that is created from heart rate, muscle movement, and other regular bodily functions. This is known commonly as the bioelectric signature. About 20 years ago science began to realize that many if not most birds, animals, and fish can actually sense these fields through the same mechanism that they use to sense the EM fields of the earth for navigation (these two fields are very similar). This is how animals like deer can positively identify living beings from inanimate objects.

Regular camouflage clothing only works to help you blend into your surroundings on a purely visual level and does absolutely nothing to hide your electrical emissions. HECS on the other hand has an excellent proprietary visual camo pattern, which we call HECStyle, to also blend in visually (should you choose to wear it as an outer layer) but also blocks your body’s biosignature as well. No other camo can do this and the advantages in the field are substantial.

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Patented Carbon-Grid Tech

HECS StealthScreen’s specially designed hunting apparel contains a patented conductive carbon grid that’s woven into all of our fabrics. To really simplify how this works, look at your microwave door. The grid that lines the door is specifically sized, shaped and of the correct conductivity to capture the microwave energy wavelength and transfer that energy back to the ground so it won’t cause unintended harm.

HECS also has a conductive grid woven into our fabrics that is also designed specifically to capture the wavelength of energy that you emit as a living being. That energy is held in the grid as capacitance and is transferred to the ground whenever your HECS system touches a grounded object. This is very basic and proven electronics.

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Functional Camo for Hunting

Good hunting clothing needs to have all the technical aspects such as providing great multi-level concealment technology but it also must be silent, extremely comfortable, durable, and versatile enough to use in a wide variety of hunting situations.

All HECS deer hunting clothing products check all the boxes and then some. No matter if you chasing Whitetail deer mule deer or Blacktail, you can rest assured that the HECS garment is fully up to the task.

Our products are made with the hunter in mind and include features like surge stitching, silent comfortable fabrics, and our fit guarantee ensures your HECS gear will be exactly what you need. You can wear most HECS products as an outer layer, under other hunting clothing, or all by themselves. They are machine washable and no special care is required. Put simply HECS deer hunting camo has no downside but the upside of containing your bioelectrical emission is immense! Once you try HECS for deer hunting you will simply never hunt without it!

True Camo

It’s More than Cutting-Edge Technology, It’s HECS

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