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The Top 5 Best Gifts for Hunters

Mike Slinkard

May 15, 2023

If you have an avid hunter in your family, finding the perfect Christmas or birthday gift can be challenging — especially if you’re not a hunter yourself.

Avid hunters want gear that is reliable, durable, and proven effective. The problem is that many of these things are already owned by the hunter, so it is essential to pick a gift with all the desirable characteristics of a great gift yet is still something they are not likely to have already.

From one-of-a-kind technology to handy everyday tools, we’ll cover five unique gift and hunting gift ideas that every hunter will love and need but may not yet own.

5 Perfect Gifts for Hunters

Whether you’re shopping for birthday gifts, holiday presents, or for young hunters or the biggest hunting enthusiast, there is such a thing as the perfect gift for the hunter.

Even if you don’t hunt yourself, you can be sure that you’re looking at high-quality products when you browse this list of the top five items because the hunting experts at HECS have tested and approved them.

So get ready to blow away your loved one with a thoughtful gift designed for deer hunters, duck hunters, turkey hunters — and everything in between.

#1: HECS Technology: Hunting Clothes That Conceal Your Bioelectrical Signature

HECSTYLE™ High-Performance Baselayer System

Buy Now: HECSTYLE™ High-Performance Baselayer System

One of the most innovative and exciting products in the hunting space in the past few years has been clothing that features HECS Technology. HECS makes a line of hunting clothing that does what no other can: Block the body’s naturally occurring bioelectric energy.

While this may sound wild to the uninformed, HECS is based entirely on new scientific research that has changed how we understand how animals perceive their environment. We now know that most animals, birds, and fish sense the extremely low-frequency bioelectric signals produced by all living beings through essential body functions and muscle movement to confirm whether they’re looking at a living being or an inanimate object.

The term for this energy is the “bioelectric signature.” This clothing can be worn with other hunting gear (either under or over). It will block the wearer’s bioelectric signature, making them appear more like inanimate objects.

bioelectric signature.

HECS has been supplying this technology to the hunting industry since 2010. It has become one of the most popular new products for hunters who need to get close to a big game or for anyone who, wants a closer, safer, and more enjoyable interaction with wild animals.

To get the most out of the HECS fabric, the wearer must cover their torso, legs, hands and head. HECS calls this the essential “HECS System,” which contains a HECS shirt, pants, hunting socks,gloves and a head cover. Plus, you can get your own complete HECS system at a reasonable price — making it easy to get the perfect combination for any outdoors person!

#2: Hybrid Lights: A Battery-Free Flashlight That Charges Your Mobile Device

Buy Now: Journey 1000 Flashlight & Charger

Buy Now: Journey 1000 Flashlight & Charger

Every hunter needs a good flashlight, and they likely already own several. But the Hybrid Light is different because it is entirely independent of batteries and electrical plugs for recharging.

These lights have state-of-the-art solar charging capabilities, so they never need a battery or an electrical outlet. They are even better because they can use solar energy to charge portable electronics like iPads and cell phones quickly.

No matter where they go, hunters will always have light and the capacity to keep their electronics charged indefinitely. Backed with a seven-year warranty, the Hybrid Light brings a new level of self-sufficiency.

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#3: Ozonics: Mask Human Scent When You’re Nearby Game

image9 e1684218465955

Buy Now: HR300 Ozone Machine

Controlling scent is a hassle for most big game deer hunters. Deer, elk, and other big game use their noses to detect danger and are notorious for busting hunters who are careless about scent. While there are numerous “scent control” products, most offer very little real value when defeating the nose of a wary whitetail.

The Ozonic unit is one product with a proven track record of making a difference. These units are battery-powered and produce the scent-killing molecule, ozone, which has been proven to latch onto scent molecules in the air. Since ozone is heavier than air, it takes that scent quickly to the ground before it gets to the nose of the deer hunter or quarry.

The Ozonic unit can be placed over the hunter in a ground blind or tree stand and, when faced in the correct direction, will effectively capture most of the scent produced by the hunter. This can be a game-changer in the woods. These units are not cheap, but the batteries are rechargeable to last a lifetime.

#4: Tough Country: Protect Your Vehicle With a Customizable Bumper

Buy Now: Custom-Made Tough Country Bumpers

Buy Now: Custom-Made Tough Country Bumpers

Every hunter has their favorite hunting truck or ATV they trust for transportation in the woods. One often overlooked accessory, however, is the bumper. No matter the hunting season, a high-quality bumper protects the deer hunting vehicle while allowing other essential items like lights and winches to be easily added.

Tough Country bumpers make front and rear bumpers to fit almost any truck, UTV, or ATV on the market and are built to last. Whether that sportsman is a weekend warrior or a professional outdoorsman, Tough County has something they will love in various styles, colors, and fits.

#5: Nocturnal Lighted Nocks: A Great Stocking Stuffer So You Don’t Lose Your Arrows

Buy Now: Nockturnal G-Nock 5-Pack

Buy Now: Nockturnal G-Nock 5-Pack

If your favorite hunter or rifle enthusiast also uses a bow or crossbow, nocturnal-lighted arrow nocks are always a home-run gift product. These nocks can be ordered to fit any arrow size, and when fired, they light up a bright internal LED light so the shooter can easily see where their arrow impacts.

This is critical information for the hunter to know, and since many times shots occur in low light conditions, the nocturnal nock becomes a godsend to bow hunters, who rely on night vision to know where their shots go.

It also aids arrow recovery from trail cameras and game recovery because the arrow is suddenly easy to see and follow. Adding a lighted nock makes shooting more enjoyable for beginners, and many hunters say they have little to no problem seeing where the arrow goes!


While this short list has incredibly cool gifts that the hunter in your life will surely love, there’s one winner here: HECS.

The best hunting gifts are any HECS clothing, which has patented technology designed to hide your biological emissions so that animals are less likely to see you as a threat , whether you’re a duck hunter, deer hunter, or turkey hunter. This technology lets the hunter stay less detectable than ever before.

With HECS, you can be the best gift giver to those on your list, and you don’t even need to be a special gift hunter yourself! Start shopping today.

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Improve your hunting experience
with HECS clothing.

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About the Author : Mike Slinkard

A hunter displaying his bear on rocks near a lake

Mike Slinkard is a life long bow hunter, professional archer, successful entrepreneur, and self described science geek from the rural town of John Day Oregon. Mike has spent his life in close proximity to all types of animals. His grandfather was a well known cattle and horse rancher who first instilled Mike’s keen interest in animals and why they react the way they do in different situations. Mike’s insatiable curiosity in this realm led him to team with other professionals to make the HECS discovery in 2009. Mike has hunted all over the world and has taken over 30 species with archery gear including 48 elk to date. Mike currently hosts “Hunting with HECS TV” on the Pursuit Channel. He has also written many bow hunting and archery articles as well as being a guest on many different hunting podcasts.

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