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HECS®: Fact or Myth?

HECS Hunting

April 2, 2017

It is scientific fact that humans and animals alike emit electromagnetic fields and these fields are spiked by any muscle movement including the large muscle groups such as arm and leg muscles and also very notably the heart.

It is now known that many animals are able to sense slight changes in their electrical environment. Most studies on the subject have focused around the workings of the internal compass that animals use to navigate however the EM field we produce are similar and are now believed to be what contributes to the “sixth sense” we all hear about.

What if there was a way to eliminate this field in the modern hunter? Mike Slinkard President and Founder of HECS® LLC has done just that with the introduction of the HECS® Human Energy Conceal Suit.

The suit utilized the proven scientific principle know as the “Faraday Cage Principal”. This concept was first used in 1836 by inventor Michael Faraday to contain electromagnetic fields. Since then this principal has been used in all sorts of applications where EM fields need to be controlled.

The most recognized example for most people is the conductive grid in the door of your microwave oven. The HECS® clothing works the same way. A grid of interlocking conductive carbon thread that is woven into the fabric and effectively creates a grid that will block the human energy field. That’s it for today’s science lesson now on to the suit itself.

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