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HECS®Hunting Suit Review: A Detailed Expose Devoid of Prejudice

Mike Slinkard

October 14, 2022

You’re probably here because you need an honest, comprehensive hecs hunting suit review. You’ve come to the right place!

If you’re a new hunter, the most significant agenda in the field is concealment. However, some camo garments are better than others, and that’s where this hecs suit review comes into the picture.

Unlike most other hecs hunting suit reviews, this guide provides a conclusive explanation of the HECS hunting suit. After you’re done reading it, you should be in a position to decide whether the HECS Hunting 3-Piece Camo Suit Hunting Apparel for Men works, and if it’s worth your investment.

So, buckle up, and let’s dive right in…

How Does HECS Hunting 3-Piece Camo Suit Work?

Science has proven that humans and animals alike discharge electromagnetic fields that are spiked by muscle movements including heart, arm, and leg muscles.

Animals can pick up or sense even the slightest transformations in their electrical environment. This means that as you hunt, your heartbeat and muscle movements create electrical fields that animals are able to perceive.

As you draw closer to the animal, it senses a big living being getting nearer, and escapes before you even approach it. Mike Slinkard, President and CEO of HECS LLC, has focused the HECS Hunting 3-Piece Camo Suit on blocking or eliminating this field through the Human Energy Concealment System (HECS).

HECS is the only inventive technology available that’s capable of blocking your energy, preventing your prey from sensing your presence. Inside the suit is a highly electrically conductive carbon yarn that has been woven in a unique grid pattern.

This hunting suit employs what is known as the “Faraday cage principle”, a concept revolving around the control of the electromagnetic field. The HECS hunting suit is tasked with deciding the shape to block the electrical energy created by your muscular movements.

As these electrical fields are effectively blocked, the suit prevents the hunter from being recognized by their target game. Most hecs suit reviews applaud this hunting apparel for men as efficient when it comes to concealment.

hecs camo reviews

HECS Hunting 3-Piece Camo Suit – Hunting Apparel for Men

Features (At a Glance)

  • Ability to block EMF
  • Breathable
  • 100% waterproof
  • Machine washable (tumble dry)
  • Stealthscreen technology
  • Multiple camo options
  • Suitable for use either as an undergarment or an outer layer

A complete 3-piece hunting suit – long-sleeved top, pants, and matching head cover

The HECS Hunting 3-Piece Camo Suit is a 3-piece hunting suit that promises to revolutionize your hunting experience by shielding electrical energy emitted by your body.

The 3 piece HECS suit for hunting consists of one long-sleeved top with thumbholes, one pair of pants, and one lightweight matching head cover that’s adjustable for comfort. The bottoms or pants also include a first-class elastic waistband with a drawing string and side pockets.

The suit also includes a Southwest Archery Koozie and a complimentary hunting DVD. Optional gloves and hat are also available for $204.99.


To keep you fully undetectable from the animal’s “sixth sense”, this ultra-lightweight suit is made of HECS STEALTHSCREEN fabric, which allows you to get 69-75% nearer to your prey without being noticed.

hecs suit review

Interlocking carbon fiber mesh

This breathable and patented stealthscreen material incorporates a conducive and highly interlocking carbon fiber mesh for blocking the EMF. The purported interlocking carbon fiber grid is specially woven to create a Faraday shield, whose role is to block your electrical energy field and prevent animals from sensing you.

As Seen On TV, the HECS amazing technology has made appearances on History Channel’s “Face the Beast” show. This terrestrial garment is extremely comfy, because the carbon mesh is woven directly into the base layer fabric to maintain your warmth and comfort during extended wear.

Highly durable

The suit is not only super lightweight and breathable but also durable and long-lasting. It is made from a combination of 14% carbon yarn grid and 86% polyester construction.

You can wear it as outer layer or undergarment. It consists of high performance material that helps whisk away any moisture, thus keeping you warm under your camo.

Machine washable with multiple camo variations

It is also machine washable (tumble dry) using any of your favorite hunting detergents. What’s more, this comfortable clothing for hunting comes in multiple camo variations including Mossy Oak Elements Terra and Mossy Oak Break-Up Country Camo.

The HECS Hunting 3-Piece Camo Suit takes versatility in hunting to a whole new level. You can decide to wear the Mossy Oak Country camouflage pattern as an outerwear or use HECS as an undergarment.

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The two options are effective in letting you get nearer to the game than ever before, making you undetectable during hunting. The durable HECS hunting clothing is, without a doubt, the most effective and durable hunting gear you’ll ever own and wear!


  • Extremely lightweight
  • HECS suit comes as a complete kit
  • Long-lasting and comfortable
  • Comes in multiple camo variations
  • Stealthscreen fabric


  • A bit pricier than other hunting suits

HECS Hunting 3-Piece Camo Suit: Positive & Negative Reviews

Positive Reviews

According to most trusted hecs suit reviews, most people who’ve tried the HECS hunting suit have reported a positive experience using it. Even people who were rather skeptical about the effectiveness of this suit, but tried it anyway, are swearing by it.

A lot of hunters say that wearing the HECS hunting suit makes it possible to approach the prey and get closer to it than ever before, without being recognized. Users who were initially skeptical about the gear were able to quickly purge their skepticism as soon as they tested the HECS suit and saw its amazing results first-hand.

Most hecs camo reviews say the suit is a game changer when it comes to hunting for whitetail deer. If you’re short of deer hunting skill and experience, the HECS suit is sure to make up for the shortcoming by letting you get as closer to the target as you can.

Negative Reviews

The HECS Hunting 3-Piece Camo Suit retails at approximately $150, which is a bit on the pricier end and not a good deal. Hunters on a budget are likely to switch for other camo suits that are more affordable.

Of course, there are other negative comments reported by a couple of hecs hunting suit reviews. For instance, there are negative reviews concerning the thickness of the fabric and the fitness of the suit.

Some users have complained that the suit never fits correctly, while others are concerned about the HECS suit being paper thin.

A few negative comments have also come up regarding the HECS suit’s performance in the field. However, it seems that some negative reviewers are expecting more than the suit can possibly offer.

Like we explained earlier in this HECS hunting review, the HECS hunting suit simply works in a way that blocks the game animals from recognizing your presence. The suit neither makes you completely invisible nor works like a magic charm!

No hunting gear can conceal you if you approach the game with noise or make abrupt movements. You also need to play your role even as you hunt with the HECS hunting suit.

Final Verdict

Wearing the HECS Hunting 3-Piece Camo Suit will definitely allow you to blend into your surroundings and get closer to your target. However, your skills and experiences in hunting still play crucial role in terms of your hunting success.

The HECS suit only prevents the game animals from sensing your presence, but it doesn’t act like a lucky charm that makes you completely indiscernible or blinds your target.

Continual knowledge and practice is important in archery, so the HECS hunting suit only gives you an extra benefit of making your prey less sensitive, but doesn’t warrant 100% success in hunting. Hopefully, this HECS hunting suit review has enlightened you on whether the HECS Hunting 3-Piece Camo Suit is a worthy purchase.

Reviewed by Steven Rinella

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About the Author : Mike Slinkard

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Mike Slinkard is a life long bow hunter, professional archer, successful entrepreneur, and self described science geek from the rural town of John Day Oregon. Mike has spent his life in close proximity to all types of animals. His grandfather was a well known cattle and horse rancher who first instilled Mike’s keen interest in animals and why they react the way they do in different situations. Mike’s insatiable curiosity in this realm led him to team with other professionals to make the HECS discovery in 2009. Mike has hunted all over the world and has taken over 30 species with archery gear including 48 elk to date. Mike currently hosts “Hunting with HECS TV” on the Pursuit Channel. He has also written many bow hunting and archery articles as well as being a guest on many different hunting podcasts.

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