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Mike Slinkard

February 2, 2022

How Masking Your Electrical Energy Signal Emissions Will Keep You Less Detectable in the Hunting Woods

For centuries man has strived to get as close as possible to animals. 

The main reason was simple- pure survival as animals equaled food and up until very recently in our history man’s weapons had extremely short-range effectiveness so only those who fully understood what it took to get close were successful in hunting and they thrived. Looking back at the history of Native Americans we see all kinds of tactics to stay concealed. 

Of course, they were masters of moving silently and keeping the wind in their favor and they knew how to use terrain features and visual camouflage like natural vegetation to hide their human outlines. But they also understood that if they wanted to get ultra-close and stay there for any length of time there were unseen forces that they had to overcome. 

They had rituals and beliefs such as totem meditation and Drum rituals to promote calmness and “balance their spiritual energy”. They even used “smudging” rituals (using sage smoke and meditation together) to “cleanse the aura and calm the mind” before a hunt. 

In short, they were acutely aware of the relationship between their natural energy emissions and their ability to get close to prey animals. 

This was so important to them that calming the body and mind became a religious experience for them which put them in touch with nature and the animals they pursued in order to survive.

We now know that what was really happening on a physical level however was when the hunter stayed ultra-calm they were also causing a substantial reduction in heart rate. 

They were also masters at moving as little and as slowly as possible as they understood that living movement was picked up readily by most game animals. 

Both of these actions worked to reduce their natural energy emissions. 

Also, the fact that they were either barefoot or wore skin moccasins meant that some of their bodies’ electrical energy was being effectively transferred to the ground which further reduced the natural energy emission that could be perceived by the game they hunted.

The bottom line is that historical hunters like Native Americans may not have fully understood the physical mechanisms behind what today’s hunters refer to as an animal’s “sixth sense” but they knew that if they took active measures to stay calm, (which also naturally reduces the bodies’ emission of electrical energy) that they were vastly more successful.

All Living Organisms Emit Electrical Energy Signals

Medical science now understands that all living beings are electrical in their very nature. 

The heart emits major electrical signals with every beat and if it stops we know that it can be restarted with an electric jolt. Every muscle movement in our bodies is also caused by electrical impulses. 

We know that these electrical signals cause a concurrent extreme low-frequency electromagnetic field that travels out of the body. This is now known as our “bioelectric signature”.

It is equally important to realize that inanimate objects while they still can move in our environment do not emit these electrical energy fields. 

Case in point, if you see tree branches or grass blowing in the breeze they are certainly moving visibly however that movement does not have the electrical energy emission that a movement from a living being has. This is because the living movement from its very basis is electrical in nature. 

If a movement does not have a concurrent electrical energy signal associated with it animals will not see it as living and will largely ignore it.

Many if Not Most Animals, Birds, and Fish Can Sense Extreme Low-Frequency Electromagnetic Energy Fields.

Animal scientists have been studying animal navigation for several decades and it is now widely accepted that animals use the earth’s electromagnetic fields to guide them to their intended destinations.

Migratory birds easily navigate almost the entire globe and can return to the exact location they left months earlier. Science now knows that birds actually see the extremely low-frequency EM fields of the earth visually. 

They do this by utilizing a special conductive molecule in their eyes to actually see EM fields and this is the key to their amazing navigation abilities.

Breakthrough research in 2016 discovered these unique molecules in several other mammalian species as well including canines and bears.

Other research has discovered that deer species also have the ability to sense these fields.

The mechanism by which these species are sensing electrical energy is not as clearly defined yet however the most popular theory is though the existence of the highly electrically conductive element magnetite or in some cases conductive crystals of iron protein which are prevalent in the brains of most mammals including deer species.

What is undisputed at this point is that most of the animals we pursue as hunters have the ability to sense electromagnetic energy fields in one way or the other. 

To date, the bulk of the research has focused on how animals use these abilities for navigation or even safe escape routes however there is also strong research that shows that animals also sense the very similar extreme low-frequency field that radiates from all living beings through heat rate, natural bodily functions and is spiked by muscle movement.

The HECS Suit Discovery

The discovery of HECS technology was based on the realization of the fact that animals, birds, and fish are well proven to sense the extremely low-frequency electromagnetic energy field emitted from the earth and that all living beings also emit a very similar field through heart rate and muscle movement. 

It wasn’t much of a stretch to theorize that if animals could sense these fields (as science had proven conclusively) and all living beings emit energy fields that were very similar (also scientifically proven) then why couldn’t animals also use these abilities to detect predators in their immediate environment? The next logical step was to find a way to effectively block or “attenuate” these energy emissions.

How HECS Hunting Suit Blocks Your Bioelectric Signature

The best method for attenuating any electromagnetic energy has been known since the 1800s. British inventor Michael Faraday invented his “Faraday cage” which by definition is a protective enclosure or conductive grid that prevents certain types of electromagnetic radiation from entering or exiting. 

The most recognizable example of the faraday cage principle can be seen in the door of your microwave oven. 

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The specialized conductive grid in the door is always sized and shaped specifically to capture the microwave EM energy and route it to the ground through the path of least resistance instead of allowing it to travel outside the oven and cause all kinds of havoc on anyone who is close by.

Like the microwave door, all HECS fabrics also contain a grid of conductive fiber woven in a specific interlocking grid pattern that is sized and shaped and has the correct conductivity characteristics (depending on the environmental medium – air or water) to attenuate the bioelectric energy that emits from humans. 

In easy terms the grid is made so when the specific energy waves that are emitted from our body contact the conductive grid, the grid becomes the path of least resistance and it cannot travel forward. Since these are extremely low-frequency fields the energy is actually held by the grid in capacitance (like a battery) until the fabric physically touches a grounded object where the energy is instantly drained. 

The HECS grid is highly electrically conductive carbon yarn. We chose this fiber because it has the correct conductivity requirements but it also doesn’t make the fabric stiff and uncomfortable like metal materials like steel or copper can. Also, carbon yarn is very resilient and can be bent and twisted without breaking which adds to the fabric’s durability.   

For most people grounding the HECS system is only necessary occasionally (every 6 hours or so) however it is important to realize that natural electrical field emissions vary greatly from person to person and some people may benefit from grounding more frequently. 

In actual practice, most hunters never really need to think about this as they will almost always touch some part of their clothing to a grounded object frequently enough to keep the HECS mesh working well. An easy way to tell for sure is if you begin to feel warmer than normal while wearing HECS technology you may need to touch a grounded object to drain the excess energy. 

A byproduct of the energy capacitance is heat so it is a good way to monitor your system’s capacitance capacity.

Here is a video showing what the body emits and how HECS blocks that energy- 

HECS System Technology In Use

Using HECS technology couldn’t be easier.  Since we have incorporated the HECS grid in many different hunting clothing options you simply wear the HECS clothing system and enjoy the benefits. 

At a minimum, you will need a HECS shirt or top, HECS pants or underlayer, and a head/face covering. We now have many different options to choose from to achieve this minimum coverage. 

Covering the hands and feet with HECS technology gives even more benefit and with species like birds, canines and bears, the HECS gloves and socks should be considered essential as these species are by far the most sensitive to energy and actually see it visually (as described above).

Remember HECS technology is effective under other clothing, as a mid-layer, or as an outerwear piece. As long as the HECS grid is in place somewhere over all parts of your body you will see the benefits.  Many people use HECS as an underlayer in conjunction with their other clothing. 

Others use it as an outer layer to take advantage of the visual blending advantage of the new HECStyle digital camo pattern as well as the HECS technology benefits.  As long as you are wearing a complete HECS system there is no wrong way to use HECS!

What Will I See in the Field While Wearing HECS Suit Technology?

Hunters that use HECS can expect to see calmer wildlife and will generally get away with more movement than is possible without the HECS advantage. 

While animals have a variety of defense mechanisms that must all be defeated simultaneously including, sound, vision, and smell. Hunters that use HECS and also use good general hunting methodology will notice differences in both how close animals can be approached (or approach you), how relaxed they are when they are close, how they react when they do see you, and how much subtle movement you can get away with.

In species like Turkeys, waterfowl, bears, and canines (like coyotes), the movement possible with HECS is simply mind-blowing to most hunters. 

These species we know conclusively see your energy visually so when you remove those emissions motion becomes inanimate to the animal and movements like drawing a bow or raising a gun aren’t even noticed in most cases.

With the hooved species (including, deer, elk, moose, sheep, goats, hogs, etc.) we have seen the lack of the human electrical energy signature when using HECS to be a major confusion factor when the deer does finally actually notice you as a hunter. 

Most of the time as long as the animal is not already alerted they will look at the hunter wearing HECS for a short period of time (usually less than 90 seconds) and then go about their business as usual if the hunter is still when they are looking his direction. 

Sometimes it is even possible to walk in plain sight of the deer and get a very different reaction than one would ever expect when not using HECS technology.

Here Are Some Great Examples of What Is Possible When Wearing a Human Energy Concealment System (HECS) System!

There are a lot more HECS encounters on the HECS YouTube page as well!

Don’t Be a Skeptic!

HECS was first launched into the hunting market back in 2010 after over 7 years of diligent research and the issuance of 5 US and multiple international patents. 

Even after all that time, the only real skeptics of HECS technology are those who have never actually tried HECS or who either didn’t understand how to use it or had unrealistic expectations.

HECS does not make you invisible to animals and you still need to defeat all the other senses that animals possess to stay alive. 

You need to hunt effectively and use all your proven methods and tactics. But over and over customers are reporting major positive differences in the way the game they encounter reacts to their presents and to their movements. 

From the tree squirrel that doesn’t bark and give way your location to drawing down on that big turkey or trophy buck while he’s looking at you and still having plenty of time for a well-placed shot, HECS makes it happen!

HECS is a proven technology that is both scientifically sound as well as proven in the field by tens of thousands of real hunters all over the world! 

Not too many “gimmick products” make it 12 years in a highly competitive marketplace and still continue to grow substantially every year!  

Don’t take our word for it! Do your research, look at the videos, and check out our customer HECS suit reviews. Then give HECS technology a try. 

As we always say- It will change the way you hunt!

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About the Author : Mike Slinkard

A hunter displaying his bear on rocks near a lake

Mike Slinkard is a life long bow hunter, professional archer, successful entrepreneur, and self described science geek from the rural town of John Day Oregon. Mike has spent his life in close proximity to all types of animals. His grandfather was a well known cattle and horse rancher who first instilled Mike’s keen interest in animals and why they react the way they do in different situations. Mike’s insatiable curiosity in this realm led him to team with other professionals to make the HECS discovery in 2009. Mike has hunted all over the world and has taken over 30 species with archery gear including 48 elk to date. Mike currently hosts “Hunting with HECS TV” on the Pursuit Channel. He has also written many bow hunting and archery articles as well as being a guest on many different hunting podcasts.

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