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May 15, 2023

No doubt about it: Turkey hunting is addicting and incredibly exciting — but every hunter knows that success takes strategy and discipline. To turn the odds in your favor, you’ll need the  right equipment, including calls, decoys, shotguns or bows, and many other important tools (depending on your location and preferred methods).

And while these choices may differ, all hunters will agree on one thing: Success in the turkey woods often comes down to proper knowledge of these awesome birds  and their habits. Your set up, calling technique and the concealment strategy you choose to employ are also critical factors in success.

Use HECS’ guide to get these details right and you’re sure to make your time in the turkey woods a fruitful, thrilling adventure.

Wild Turkeys Are Exceptional Survivors — HECS Can Help You Gain An Edge

Being “very, very quiet” might’ve helped Elmer Fudd bag “wabbits” — but that sort of approach is just no match for wild turkeys. According to information collected by The Scientific American, wild turkeys are able to see up to three times greater than 20/20 field of vision. And this means they can, “detect motion many, many yards away.”

As if this weren’t advantage enough, turkeys have 270-degree peripheral vision, an ability to turn their necks completely, and are blessed with impeccable color vision and an ability to see UVA light. It’s actually the “most complex retina of any vertebrae,” studies show.

These natural-born-gifts, coupled with their good sense to stay wary and alert, mean that, for decades, turkey hunters have been trying different tactics to evade detection from these masters of eyesight.

That’s why, in recent years, visual camo has become a hunter’s staple when pursuing turkeys — you need to blend into the natural vegetation to have a real shot (no pun intended). Yet, a hunter can be fully decked out in the fanciest new visual camo pattern and, much to their frustration, the turkey will still regularly bust them at even the slightest move.

See, there’s something else going on that we’ve only just come to realize.

Like all birds, science proves that turkeys can see extreme low frequency electrical fields (ELF) visually. They have the ability to visually detect extreme low frequency electromagnetic fields of the earth and that is how they can effortlessly travel long distances during migration.

It was only around 2008 that we began to understand that, in fact, all living beings also produce a very similar ELF emission through muscle contraction and basic bodily functions. In other words, the ability to see these fields for navigation and detect EM field emissions from living beings is critical to the birds’ ability to pick out living movement so well.

So when a bird sees an object or a movement that has the spike of visible(to a bird) electrical energy, it instinctively knows that it came from a living being and they need to be cautious.

This is exactly why HECS technology uses a patented and proven conductive carbon grid woved right into all HECS fabrics that work as a faraday cage for your body and won’t let your naturally-occurring bioelectric energy pass through. Without this signal, a turkey can’t recognize the  hunter as a living being and your movements will be largely dismissed — like a branch blowing in the wind.

Since its debut in 2010 HECS, technology has completely re-written the books on how turkeys see and react to hunters. Now, with HECS, hunters can stay much less detectable, even as they appear in plain sight. Wearing HECS means  movements required to raise a gun or draw a bow are largely ignored by wild turkeys and other birds.

How to Prepare for a Successful Hunt With HECS® Hunting System

By upgrading to HECS® next-level technology, you become less detectable across both the visual and bioelectrical levels, which optimizes your chance for a successful turkey hunt. Here’s how it works:

HECS is a complete system of hunting clothing

A complete HECS system will cover the vast majority of your body. We offer a wide variety of products to meet any hunting need: lightweight and semi thermal base layers that can be worn under regular hunting clothing or independently, drawstring hoodies with integrated head and face covers, an incredible new outer layer hunting pant, as well as hunting gloves, socks, and other accessories.

HECS has everything you need to leave no detail up to chance. The best turkey hunting clothing addresses more than just your visual camo needs. HECS conceals you on multiple levels simultaneously — no other camo even comes close.

HECS® Dual level camo technology

HECS is the only hunting clothing that conceals hunters on both the visual and electrical levels. Patented and proven HECS technology utilizes a grid of highly electrically conductive carbon yarn woven right into all HECS fabrics.

This grid is sized and shaped to capture your bioelectric emissions that we now know turkeys see and use to tell living beings movements from inanimate ones. The proprietary HECStyle visual camo patterns also help you blend into any terrain on a visual level as well. The result is true 21st century concealment that is far superior to any other camo clothing available.


When turkey hunting during the spring season, you’ll face all types of conditions. Fortunately, the HECS new “build your system” featureallows you to customize your HECS system to suit your individual needs.

Choose between under layers and outer layers,  sizes,camo patterns, and more. All HECS fabrics are extremely quiet and comfortable, and now you can extend that comfort to suit your individual style.


All HECS products are silent, comfortable, and built to make sure you have a full range of motion while in the field. Select HECS pieces also feature special details like surge stitching, wicking properties, covenant thumb holes, action cuts, and articulated legs.

HECS gear was designed by hunting fanatics who know what you need when hunting,so every HECS product will hold up and produce results no matter where your adventure takes you.

Stay hidden on 2 levels with the best camo from HECS®

It’s no secret that turkeys have legendary eyesight and their ability to detect the slightest movement at distance probably saves more birds from a hunter’s gamebag than any other factor.

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Initially, hunters would typically get set up in solid cover. Furthermore, they had to shoulder and position their gun in the direction of the turkey so absolutely no movement was necessary to take the shot.

Despite all these efforts, turkeys were still able to spot something out of place and turn away, leaving hunters frustrated.

Fortunately, we now better understand how a turkey’s eyesight actually works. It’s clear that the bird relies on  detecting our electrical energy emitted through our natural bodily functions and spiked by muscle movement. HECS® patented technology blocks your body’s electrical output which makes you and your movement more inanimate.

Bank On the Benefits of the HECS® Advantage On Your Next Hunt

HECS® hunting camo sets itself apart from all others. Our patented technology conceals on the visual and the electrical plane (which is the most essential). No other hunting clothing can make that claim — and no other hunting garment does more to keep you hidden in the moment of truth.

If you’re ready to arm yourself with the HECS advantage, here’s what you can expect:

Stay undercover for longer

With the HECS advantage in play. you will be able to stay undetected much longer when compared to regular camo. Since you will no longer be emitting a bioelectric signature that turkey can see and react to, these birds  will generally come in much closer and remain less suspicious of your setup.

Mask your movement even in plain sight

. The HECS advantage is science-backed — and because we start with science instead of relying on design, material, or fit, your results will be consistent when hunting. Here’s how it works:

  • Our bodies emit a bioelectric field just from basic bodily functions even when we are sitting stone still.
  • But these impulses pale in comparison to the spikes of bioelectric energy that is released when our muscles move. You see it takes large amounts of electricity to fire our muscles and that electric charge creates spikes in our bio-electrical output.
  • Think of your movement like a bright light that flashes,readily visible to birds.Only living movement emit these  “flashes,” so a turkey immediately recognizes your presence and his  instincts tell him he needs to avoid it.
  • While there’s a lot of natural movement in nature, like tree branches and grass blowing in the wind, these movements do not have a concurrent electrical output like living movement does. 
  • In other words, your electrical field is why your movements are so easily detectable by  turkeys —even on a windy day where there is a lot of other natural movement. The key is movement with an electrical field.

HECS® technology is woven into the fabrics of high quality hunting clothing for full mobility, comfort, and silence.  Whether you’re hunting in the fall or spring, having functional silent hunting clothing is essential.

There’s simply no point of opting for great looking turkey hunting camo if you still can’t move without detection.

Coupled with super quiet and comfortable clothing systems you soon realize that wearing HECS for all of your turkey hunting activities is the most consistent way to ensure success.

Maintain total detection protection with gloves and socks

Since turkeys are so adept at seeing our electrical output, covering your entire body with HECS technology is really imperative.

For turkeys, gloves are an absolute necessity because, in order to actually kill a turkey, you’ll need to move your hands. HECS gloves are lightweight and stretchy so they don’t impede your shooting and more importantly they will hide these movements effectively from the bird.

Socks are also important if you get into a situation where you need to adjust your foot position to get that ideal shot. Adding gloves and socks to your system ensures you have total body coverage to maximize your success on each encounter.

Camo Patterns for Any Season

Springtime is the annual mating season for wild turkeys. This is a magical time of year for the turkey hunter as thunderous gobbles fill the air as toms try to lure hens for breeding. It’s also the best time for hunters to lure these gorgeous birds to them by mimicking the sounds of a wild turkey hen.

Camo Patterns for Any Season

Hunters typically hunt until they get a gobbler to respond to their calling and then set up and try to call the gobbler to them. Generally the hunter will be sitting on the ground in cover trying to blend into the surroundings.

In this situation, the hunter needs to be concealed on a basic visual level so he doesnt stick out like a sore thumb when the big bird arrives. For this, a great visual camo pattern makes all the difference. Of course, HECS technology blocks your electrical field — but, you need to also blend in to your surroundings visually as well. After all, HECS technology doesn’t make you invisible.

Our proprietary HECStyle camo patterns allow you to  blend into your visual surroundings seamlessly..

Best Turkey Camo for Spring

For most areas of the country we have our HECSTYLE ™ Anywhere camo pattern. The Anywhere digital camo pattern was developed to blend into almost any terrain and features more gray and brown hues for a better optical break up effect. This makes Anywhere our most versatile camo pattern and will blend well to most environments.

Our HECStyle™ green camo pattern offers the perfect visual camouflage for areas where green vegetation is the norm. In areas like the Southeast US or Pacific Northwest where green is the predominant color, You can blend effortlessly into the surroundings, emphasizing the natural green colors that mimic the springtime environment in those terrains.

All HECS® fabrics are highly breathable and lightweight and infinitely comfortable, so not only will you blend into your surroundings like never before, but you will also have a full range of silent comfortable motion as well. HECS will help make this turkey hunting season the best you’ve ever experienced!

Get Closer to Wildlife with Our Base Layers

One of the really cool things about HECS technology is that it works no matter whether you are using it as your primary outer layer or under other hunting clothing. As long as the patented HECS grid (that is incorporated into every HECS garment) is between your body and the outside you will see the benefits of HECS.

HECS Baselyers are designed to be worn under other hunting clothing and the high quality base fabric does double duty in this capacity. Our base layer will wick moisture away from your body so you will stay warmer while at the same time the patented HECS grid is stopping your electrical emission.

If you want to turn this turkey season into a success story you’ll be telling for decades, go with our HECSTYLE ™ Green-high Performance Baselayer System. Or our HECSTYLE™ Anywhere high-performance baselayer system. Both are designed to maximize your effectiveness in the turkey woods this spring!

Turkey Hunting Made Easy with HECS® Clothing Line

With HECS ® technology added to your  camo clothing system, you will have the absolute best and most modern concealment system on the planet. No other camo clothing technology even come close to matching the HECS advantage when hunting turkeys and other game. Pick the best system for your individual needs by checking out our entire HECS® camo clothing line today! HECS will change the way you hunt!

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Mike is a lifelong bowhunter and self described “science geek” who has over 50 years experience bowhunting big game animals all over the world. Mikes passion is hunting elk and he has taken 49 elk with a bow to date. Mike has taken 31 big game species with a bow worldwide and counting. Besides being a bowhunting fanatic Mike is also a recognized inventor who is always looking to new innovation to help him become more successful in the field. With 11 patents and involvement in countless outside projects within the hunting industry Mike has a reputation as a innovative problem solver in his 30 year career in the hunting industry.

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