What Makes HECS Clothing Different From Regular Hunting Gear?

Mike Slinkard

March 30, 2022

Now and then we get the question here at HECS so just what makes your camo hunting gear “so special”?  Well, that is an easy one to answer! The short answer is in the fabric construction of all HECS hunting and outdoor products. 

HECS Has 5 Issued Patents

Due to the strength of our 5 US patents HECS is the only company in the world that can produce a clothing product that is designed to block the electrical energy signal output from people or animals. 

Within all HECS camouflage clothing fabrics, you can see a distinct interlocking grid pattern. This grid is made of a specialized highly conductive carbon yarn that is sized, shaped, and has the proper conductivity to block up to 90% of your electrical output. 

I will do another blog post discussing exactly how this works but suffice to say that blocking our electrical emission or what scientists call our “Bioelectric signature” HECS makes the wearer virtually undetectable on the electrical plane.

HECS Addresses an Issue No Other Hunting Gear Can 

It is now widely accepted that most of the animals we hunt can actually sense electromagnetic energy and since in nature only living beings are producing this particular type of energy, animals use the presence of these emissions as a way to help them differentiate between living beings and inanimate objects. 

Of course, animals can still see the hunter visually, hear him audibly, and smell him if the wind is in his favor, but when you take away the electrical signal and the animal senses a hunter with its eyes or ears many times it will become very confused. 

This electrical signal seems to be the final confirmation in many encounters that animals like deer and elk use to initiate a flight response. 

When that electrical field is removed with HECS technology they lose that final conformation and many times will become visibly confused. 

Their eyes are seeing something but it doesn’t register the electrical field of a living being so we see confusion and sometimes the animal comes even closer apparently trying to figure out what they are seeing. 

It is important to know this is not an “every time” reaction but it is common enough that it can give the hunter an added chance to close the deal when they get their target animal in range. 

HECS Camouflage Clothing And How It Helps You Become Less Noticeable To Birds

With birds, the advantages of blocking electrical fields are even more apparent. Birds as well as some other mammal species like canines and bears have the highly conductive molecule Cryptochrome in their eyes which scientists believe gives them the ability to see electromagnetic fields visually. 

It is very apparent and has been witnessed very consistently that when a person is actively blocking all or most of their electrical energy with HECS technology they are substantially less noticeable by these species. 

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But the really noticeable and quite undeniable part is that when the electrical energy from movement is removed, most of the slow natural movement that the hunter must do to take an animal is almost completely ignored.

This means drawing a bow or raising a gun when a bird, coyote, or bear is close by is now completely possible even when they are looking directly at you. What an advantage this is! As a dedicated bowhunter drawing the bow is often the most difficult part of the hunt to pull off but with HECS it isn’t even a thought anymore. 

HECS is really a god sent to those who have younger children that are trying to learn to hunt. Kids usually have shorter attention spans and get bored easily which invariably leads to a lot of fidgeting and other movements. 

Now with HECS, those movements are much less detrimental to the success of the hunt and it keeps the hunt much more fun for the child. We all know this is critical to keeping a new hunter interested. 

Of course, as with any technology, there is a limit to the movement that is tolerated. For instance, you can’t do jumping jacks in front of a turkey, as this type of movement is visually unnatural, however, slowly drawing a bow or raising a shotgun is completely doable almost every time with HECS in play.       

What Makes HECS Systems Special?

So what makes HECS gear so special? Simply put HECS is the only hunting apparel in the world that gives you the advantage of dual camouflage technology

Not only are you blending into your surroundings on the visual level but you are now undetectable on the electrical energy level as well. 

No other clothing can make these claims and that is why no other camo even comes close to the effectiveness of HECS hunting camouflage! 

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About the Author : Mike Slinkard

A hunter displaying his bear on rocks near a lake

Mike Slinkard is a life long bow hunter, professional archer, successful entrepreneur, and self described science geek from the rural town of John Day Oregon. Mike has spent his life in close proximity to all types of animals. His grandfather was a well known cattle and horse rancher who first instilled Mike’s keen interest in animals and why they react the way they do in different situations. Mike’s insatiable curiosity in this realm led him to team with other professionals to make the HECS discovery in 2009. Mike has hunted all over the world and has taken over 30 species with archery gear including 48 elk to date. Mike currently hosts “Hunting with HECS TV” on the Pursuit Channel. He has also written many bow hunting and archery articles as well as being a guest on many different hunting podcasts.

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