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Why Is HECS the Biggest Advantage a Turkey Hunter Can Have?

HECS Hunting

March 2, 2022

What Other Turkey Hunters Are Saying About HECS

It is consumer outdoor show season and as I get back from the big 3 February shows (NRA show in Harrisburg, Western Hunting Expo in Salt Lake City, and the NWTF National convention in Nashville) I was privileged once again to hear story after story from our customers who have seen the HECS advantage over to past 12 years. 

One thing I hear consistently from our HECS turkey hunters is “HECS truly is the biggest advantage I have in the turkey woods and I will never hunt without it!” I probably heard this statement or something very close 100 times in the past 3 weeks.

Interestingly enough we never had a single person who has used HECS for any length of time and said it didn’t work. To me that really says something and I can tell you if it were not that way I certainly wouldn’t be attending all of these shows! 

Can you imagine how uncomfortable it would be to be looking your customers in the eye if you had a product that didn’t work especially with the claims we are making? 

Fortunately for me, the show experience is always awesome and I never get tired of hearing how amazed customers are with their experiences hunting turkeys while using HECS technology. It was just so great to be back at the shows this year and hear directly from our customers in person!

Why HECS Is Such A Huge Advantage For Turkey Hunters

There is no doubt at this point that HECS technology works with all types of game, but I feel the several advantages for turkey hunters is truly the most important advantage a turkey hunter can have to help them consistently fill tags no matter what sub-species you pursue. 

The reason is pretty simple. The turkey’s eyesight is legendary especially when it comes to picking up movement. What many hunters don’t know is that turkeys really see the electrical impulses that emit with all living movement really well and if you remove that electrical emission from a movement that movement will no longer be of concern to a turkey. 

Yes, it is well proven that almost all birds see extreme low-frequency electromagnetic energy, like that which the earth emits and migratory birds use to navigate, as well as the very similar fields that are emitted by all living beings through heart rate and muscle movement. 

They all have the highly electrically conductive molecule Cryptochrome in their eyes which allows them to actually see these fields visually. Here are a couple of short videos explaining bird vision.



And some science as well!


The way we block our energy is using a variation of a very simple and proven electronic principle called the Faraday Cage principle. To better understand exactly how HECS blocks our electrical field here is a short video that explains how HECS works: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vpgMwnOVTWo&list=PLaEjTITeduYIcK_BCbsj9VgGqOUZ46Aij&index=4 

My Experience With Turkey Hunting Using HECS

Now that is not to say you can stand up and do jumping jacks in front of a wild turkey while wearing HECS. HECS does not make you invisible, however, slow to moderate movement like drawing a bow, raising a shotgun, and even waving while a turkey is close and looking in your direction is completely possible. 

I have hunted turkeys with HECS now for the past 13 years almost exclusively with archery gear and unlike most bowhunters, I don’t use a blind and now I purposely wait until the turkey’s head is completely visible before I draw my bow. To date the number of times I have been busted when drawing my bow while wearing HECS stands at ZERO! 

That’s well over 50 birds in all of the 4 US sub-species without even one failed attempt. Now I have missed birds many times but getting to full draw and still having a calm target bird when I reach anchor is simply never a problem. 

In Field Examples of the HECS Advantage in Turkey Hunting 

Nowadays we hear customers reporting the same thing all across the country! Here are a few examples from last spring- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A4qzsFG9cmI  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EmwnRse8oYY 

And here is a really special one for me where my daughter Kaitlyn Slinkard takes the #2 Osceola turkey ever taken by a woman https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wqD5PgRqBqY 

Take More Birds With The HECS Advantage

As you can see when it comes to getting away with movement with wild turkeys the benefits HECS technology will give any hunter is truly a game-changer and thousands of turkey hunters all over the nation are now taking more birds than ever before with HECS! 

You still need to hunt. Scouting the area and learning the bird’s habits as well as decoy set up and calling prowess is still essential to tag a big ole spring gobbler. But when that all comes together and that tom is in sight, now getting busted because of movement is no longer a problem and all those hours of preparation will pay off.  

If you enjoy bringing a young hunter along HECS can make the difference between an exciting memory you will both cherish, igniting a passion for the sport that will live a lifetime, and a kid that becomes discouraged because they just can’t sit still enough to get a bird killed. 

And that is exactly why I say, HECS is truly the most important piece of equipment a turkey hunter can have! 

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