Gear Review – HECS®‘STEALTHSCREEN’ Garments

HECS Hunting

August 13, 2012

About once every generation, a new product comes out that completely changes the way we hunt. Some give us a new advantage, some let us hunt a different way, some turn weekend warriors into overnight hunting sensations, but few completely change everything. HECS®is one that truly changes the game!

HECS®STEALTHSCREEN technology is not a new revelation; it has been around in different forms for many years. The medical world has known for decades that every living body, through heartbeat and muscle movement, produces a measurable EM energy field. In fact this energy has been used in such staple medical procedures as the EKG. EM shielding is also used in places like the grid of your microwave door. The conductive grid is effectively smaller than the height of the energy wave therefore it is unable to pass through and is attenuated in the grid. That series of “X” patterns on your microwave door is what protects you from the harmful waves. As humans, our senses have “devolved” over the decades, so we would not notice those waves until we started cooking from the inside out. Our four-legged counterparts however, have tuned their senses to greater levels that ever before.

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