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Gear Review: HECS®Stealthscreen

HECS Hunting

January 13, 2015

We’ve all been there before—woke up before the crack of dawn, climbed into our tree stands to get settled in for your big hunt ahead, waited patiently for any activity, and quickly gotten busted by the first deer that made its way towards your stand. Off he runs, waving his tail goodbye, and you sit there thinking to yourself, “I know I didn’t move!”

You reminisce on how this deer, or any other small or big game, sensed your presence when you know you were sitting still and stabilized with no movement. If you’ve always wondered why this frustrating phenomenon often occurs, especially at the most inconvenient times, the explanation will certainly help clarify things. Animals sense EM signals, or electromagnetic energy. Just as living creatures emit a measurable electrical energy signal, the human body, too, emits an electrical energy signal that animals easily detect. Through muscle movement and the beating of the heart, electrical energy fields are created and emitted, even if you do not realize it, which explains why you often get busted by the game species you are hunting—even if you think you are being a statue, such as when you experience the inevitable “buck fever”.

HECS®realizes how vital it is to mask these electrical energy signals so that you can be nearly undetectable to the game species you are hunting. As a result, HECS® created a unique technology which uses a carbon fiber conductive grid to block your EM field, called the HECS®Stealthscreen.

HECS®Stealthscreen is a revolutionary design which works like the grid on your microwave door—that’s right, HECS®blocks the wavelengths of your human electromagnetic energy itself. The size of the mesh grid is crucial to effectively blocking human electrical energy signal and through exhaustive testing, was created specifically to block the wavelengths of the human energy signal and effectively block human electrical energy waves just as the much smaller grid in the door of your microwave works to block microwaves.

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