Getting Deadly Close to Turkey

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March 24, 2012

I have been turkey hunting for close to thirty years from the East coast, to Iowa and the prairies of Nebraska and the mountains of Montana. I primarily use archery equipment for these birds but have taken a shotgun to the field on rare occasions. I have had some good hunts and some not so good. I usually always use decoys in my hunt and for the most part they work very well. With bow hunting these birds it is almost a must to use decoys. A few years ago I added what I feel is the ace in the hole for getting birds close to my decoys and a good clean close shot for me. It is a product called HECS®STEALTHSCREEN. HECS®STEALTHSCREEN is a revolutionary line of clothing that utilizes science to prevent the emf (electromagnetic fields) that all living creatures produce, from leaving the body and being detected by animals. Animals have the ability to pick up these emfs which accounts for all those times game just seemed to know something was wrong in their environment. We’ve all witnessed this if you’ve spent any time in the field. Science has proven it and I can tell you, HECS®works.

I have worn HECS®STEALTHSCREEN garments over the last few years and my tags have been filled almost every time. The birds seem to disregard my position whether in the blind or up against a log pile or like this past season stalking them. Yes I said stalking them. This spring I made my annual trip to Nebraska with some friends and went to our usual spots. The turkey numbers were down due to a long hard winter and cold wet spring. We still had snow in quite a bit of areas we hunted.

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