HECS® Aquatic Announced as 2016 USA Spearfishing Team Sponsor

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February 2, 2016

National US spearfishing team to exclusively wear unique electric energy reducing HECS® wetsuits at the world spearfishing championships in Greece.

HECS®, a world leader in concealment technology, has today been named the official wetsuit sponsor of the USA spearfishing team, which will compete at the world titles in Syros, Greece this September 14 – 19.

The team and support crew will all wear HECS® Spear wetsuits during the 30th bi-annual World Spearfishing Championships.

HECS® Aquatic was approached by the team in January 2106, in the hope that the wetsuits will give them an extra edge against the other 20 teams taking part in the championships. The official suits are currently being tailor-made for each member of the team and support crew.

Team captain, Joe Fernandez, says HECS® was a natural choice when seeking sponsorship for the team; “HECS® wetsuits and Dive Skins are designed to reduce the human electric signal and many marine creatures can detect electric signals. We have seen and experienced first-hand, the advantage that having that sort of technology in the water gives us, and we want to bring that to the worlds.”

The wetsuits, using patented technology owned by US company HECS®LLC contain a layer of energy-blocking material known as HECS® StealthScreen.

Favoured by Discovery Channel survivalist, Naked and Afraid presenter Forrest Galante, and New Zealand’s “Shark Man” Riley Elliot, the HECS® StealthScreen material is lightweight and flexible, and contains a unique combination of conductive carbon fibers, which act as a lightweight Faraday cage to reduce the output of electric signals. The material is available in a specially-designed camouflage pattern, and can be worn on its own or bonded to neoprene for wetsuits.

Warren Bird, HECS® development director, says; “We were thrilled to be approached by the USA spearfishing team to sponsor them for the world titles. We believe – as the team does – that this is the perfect partnership, because HECS® technology is designed to enhance your diving experience and help you get closer to marine life by reducing the human electric signal that many marine animals can detect. We are getting amazing feedback from divers and marine biologists about the efficacy of the HECS® suits, and we know that HECS® and the US spearfishing team will make a winning combination!”

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