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HECS® Camo…Scam or Secret Weapon?

HECS Hunting

January 16, 2015

There’s been quite a bit of controversy around whether the HECS®suit actually works or if it is just another scam attempting to separate hunters from their money. Before I got this camo I was on the fence leaning toward the assumption that it most definitely was a scam.

My wife apparently thought otherwise and ordered it for me without me knowing. When she gave me the camo for Christmas I just laughed and to keep a war from breaking out told her I’d wear it out on my next hunt. My first test of this was in late season muzzleloader, a test that would completely change my view on this product.

While still-hunting it’s easy to make sound in the woods as we walk through the crunchy snow. In the past I’d always jump deer as a walked and assumed it was due to the noise I was making. While having this camo on I was able to walk right up on a buck and two doe bedded down. I wasn’t any more silent in my walking yet due to the ability of the camo to shield my presence the deer must have just thought I was another animal walking through the woods. This hunt did end in success.

Now this isn’t my only experience with this camo; I’ve tested it during turkey hunts and early season deer hunting. Each time it was almost as if I wasn’t even there! It really took me being forced to use this to realize what I was missing out on all these years. Don’t let it take your wife getting this for you to finally try it, I’d say if you want to increase your chances in the woods get a pair.

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