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OUTDOORS: What the heck, yes HECS really works in allowing hunters to get close to game

HECS Hunting

April 28, 2024

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My spring gobbler tag — this was in the days of being able to purchase a second tag — was unfilled as two mature gobblers and their hens strolled through the opposite end of the yard where we were planting tomato plants.

At one point during their hunt for grubs, they came within 25 yards without showing any concern for the two turkey hunters turned gardeners. Later, this was explained that our human electrical field gave off no signs of danger that would have been sensed by the birds had we been in hunting mode.

That encounter is remembered every time I watch an episode of “Hunting With HECS” on the Pursuit Channel. Hosted by Mike Slinkard, the creator and president of HECS, he and his companions show have-to-be-seen — and maybe still not believed — hunts attired in HECS clothing that allows them to get within yards – sometimes feet – of their quarry.

HECS is the acronym for Human Energy Concealment Systems that counteracts the well-established medical fact that all living beings emit electrical energy through basic bodily functions as well as muscle contractions when we move. To put it simply, it takes an electrical current to stimulate our muscles to move and these extreme low frequency emissions also travel outside our bodies.

Science now also knows that many animals, birds and fish can sense these electrical fields and actually use them to tell living beings and movement from inanimate ones.

This meter is designed to measure electrical energy that comes off the human body and shows the spikes in these emissions when muscle contraction occurs.

This is a useful tool to show the electrical blocking effect of HECS technology. In addition to the company’s outdoors television program, HECS displays in more than 30 consumer sports and outdoors shows around the country annually, and their customers can actually see the meter and use it to measure their own electrical emission and see HECS blocking those emissions.

Knowing this, I interviewed Slinkard in February at the Great American Outdoor Show at the Pennsylvania State Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg. After 12 years in business and more than 300,000 HECS systems sold, its TrueCamo technology is made from flexible, breathable fabric, allowing a full range of motion.

“What makes HECS the best turkey hunting outer layer, no matter if the camouflage or plain brown design, is movement is the turkey hunter’s worst enemy, and the wild turkey’s ability to pick up even the slightest movement makes it challenging to hunt,” Slinkard said. “Since you can’t hunt without moving, disguising your movement becomes paramount, and the best way to make the most of your season is to wear HECS turkey hunting camouflage clothing.

“Our turkey hunting camo blocks the electrical energy emissions all living beings emit. It is proven that these emissions are actually visible to all birds, including turkeys, and it is this energy that the turkey uses.

“When your electrical emissions are blocked, the bird only sees the hunter as an inanimate object, and slow movement is possible. Without HECS, even the slightest movement simply isn’t possible without alerting a turkey.”

“Whether hunting with a shotgun archery tackle, getting close enough to the birds for an effective shot is a challenge. Spring is the turkey’s mating season, making it the prime time that the turkey hunter thrives on, and at this particular time of year, gobblers are actively pursuing and displaying for prospective hens.”

Wearing HECS dual-concealment hunting camo allows getting closer to the turkeys and be able to get away with movement. Studies have proven that birds can actually see the electromagnetic field from the Earth as well as those produced by all living beings through natural bodily functions and especially movement.

Every time you move, a spike of electrical energy from your muscles emits an energy field that is visible to the bird and this confirms to the bird that your movement is from a living being. This electrical energy output instantly draws the attention of birds like turkeys, making it difficult to hunt them successfully as this type of energy is only emitted from living beings.

When the bird sees this energy in association with any movement, they react instinctively, and this makes hunting them very difficult. HECS camo is created from technology that is far more advanced than just visual camo, blocking the body’s naturally occurring electrical energy, making your movements appear more like inanimate movement, which the turkey will generally ignore.

HECS camouflage clothing and technology is undeniably one of the revolutionary game-changing products ever developed for turkey hunting. It also changes the game when preseason scouting for birds.

That was shown while wearing my HECS base layer as outer wear while scouting two weeks in a patch of woods near Orwigsburg when movement was detected in the open woods. Freezing in place, a doe approached in the opposite direction and kept coming without concern.

When the deer was within 15 yards, I slowly raised an imaginary flintlock rifle to my shoulder and said “bang.” Still not knowing where that shot had come from, the deer spun and bolted off through the wood.

It may not be nice to fool Mother Nature, but its fair game to fool gobblers while wearing HECS.

(Dietz is a member of the Pennsylvania Outdoor Writers Association)

About HECS®: Founded in 2009, HECS® LLC is a John Day, Oregon based company specializing in patented technology designed to block the electromagnetic signature emitted from the human body. The HECS® technology advantage is well known and established in the hunting and underwater/ aquatic markets where it is considered a “must have” technology by many. HECS® LLC currently has 2 fully owned subsidiaries: HECS® Aquatic LLC and HECS® Tactical LLC, and will soon launch HECS® Wildlife LLC which will cater to the animal enthusiasts, zoological and research markets.

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