Rick’s Pick: HECS®STEALTHSCREEN Garments

HECS Hunting

December 8, 2012

HECS®STEALTHSCREEN hit the market a few years ago and I must admit that I had my doubts whether this product actually worked. I usually will field test a product extensively before I put my name on it and make it a part of my column. So I got a suit and started wearing it to see for myself if it was advertising hype or really did what the manufacturer claimed.

The last two years I have put HECS®to the test. I have worn it on all of my many hunts and there is definitely something unique to this product. I can report unequivocally that the animals were much calmer and more relaxed when I was in close proximity to them. I had dozens and dozens of close encounters with all types of wildlife and they acted as though I did not exist. This is something I had honestly never witnessed before. Even when I made a good shot, most of the time there was a sense of urgency because in most instances the game seems to be on high alert. Not always, but most of the time the game just seemed cautious. I pretty much chalked this behavior up to an animal’s natural instinct. Prey animals are ALWAYS cautious and constantly on the lookout for predators. But they seemed much more relaxed and at ease when I was close and wearing HECS.

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