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The best predator hunting concealment is a True camo / multi-level concealment system that hides your presents on both the electrical and the visual plain!

As you will read more details about below, in 2016 a major scientific study concluded that like bird, canines and bears as well as several other spices actually possess the same electrically conductive molecule in their eyes (called Cryptochrome) that allow them to actually see extreme low frequency electromagnetic field visually. This means that predators like Coyotes, wolves and bears can actually see the electrical impulses that cause living movement to happen, thus confirming that they are looking at a living being or movement as opposed to inanimate object or movement.

The patented conductive grid that is woven into all HECS fabrics effectively stops your electrical emission so to the predator you and your movement look more like inanimate objects and movement. This give the hunter a huge advantage in concealment you simply cannot get any other way. Couple that with a great visual camo pattern and you are now staying less detectable on both the electrical and visual planes.

By adding HECS technology to your gear arsenal you add the ability to stay undetected and get away with much more movement that you could ever hope for with regular camo hunting clothing. HECS can be worn as an underlayer under your existing camo, over the top or all by itself. Yes it works either way! As long as you have a complete HECS system on your body it doesn’t matter what layer it is in, you will see a major difference. Incoming predators will no longer see you or your movement as a living being or movement, but rather as a non-energy emitting inanimate object that is of no concern. Add HECS to you gear today and see the difference on your next predator hunt. To see HECS in action with predators check out the predator hunting play list at HECS Stealthscreen on our YouTube channel!

How HECS technology can completely change your experience when hunting predators?


Our team of researchers and scientists has worked to learn more about the science of animals. The focus has been on how all animals, birds, and fish, live and interact within their environment and how they react to minor changes in their electrical environment. This is a relatively new area of research, but the findings continue to add incredible understating to the importance extreme low frequency (ELF) electromagnetic fields have on the living world.

Electroreception in sharks and rays is the most well-understood and documented. These species use specialized external organs to detect the electrical fields of other living beings, however, it is now known that many if not most other species have some capability to detect and actively use ELF to aid in their survival as well. Science has discovered that  Birds and most recently canines and bears have the highly electrically conductive protein Cryptochrome in their eyes which allows them to physically see ELF electromagnetic energy fields. This is used for navigation as well as finding prey.

There are several theories on the mechanism used in mammals to detect these fields. The most widely excepted theory with mammals involves the highly conductive element magnetite that exists in the brains of most mammals and is more pronounced in the more migratory animals like deer, elk, and caribou. Due to a large study conducted in 2016, we now know that bears and canines see your energy visually like birds, so that is why we have seen almost unbelievable results with bears, and canines like coyotes and wolves, just as we have with birds like turkeys and waterfowl. Since the electromagnetic field produced from the earth is an ELF that is very similar to that which is produced by living beings, animals that have highly developed migratory patterns generally are also more sensitive to these fields and use this sense for the detection of danger as well. Science is still gaining an understanding of the mechanics, but there is no doubt with animal experts that many creatures have the ability to sense electromagnetic signals and use this information to enhance their daily lives. Click Here to Read More

The science behind the best predator hunting concealment?


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