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I have seen some amazing things while wearing one. In my goose-hunting pit, the birds (sparrows, chickadees, wrens) almost feed and land within arms’ reach now. Before, they always kept their distance. They act as if I am not even there. I shot a drake mallard a few days ago and was waiting for another group of birds to work in. I pelted a drake and a hen out of them, when all of a sudden a BALD EAGLE swooped down within 30 yards and grabbed the first mallard I had shot right off the water in front of me. If that is not a HECS® moment, I don’t know what is. I did not have a camera with me and wish I did. AMAZING. I know the HECS® suit allowed me to witness this. As for me, I will probably never go to the field again without having my HECS® on my body. If I would have had this suit in Alaska, I know that I would have had even more success than I experienced. This year I will put it to the test in Alaska. I already know that the animals we are going after are in trouble. Ha Ha Ha.


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