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How do I care for my HECS® suit?

The HECS® suit is very easy to care for. For terrestrial suits, just machine wash in your favorite detergent. Hang dry for the longest life or dry on low heat for only a few minutes (please note in some dryers HECS® clothing will not be picked up by dryer sensors and will not shut off automatically). It is recommended that you hand wash and hang dry the head cover as the drawstring can sometimes hang up in the machine and damage the product.

Here are a couple general info items from the FAQ page.

How far can animals detect my electronic emissions?

Different species react differently to our electrical radiation and also the intensity of the fields varies greatly from one person to another. In general terms, birds are the most sensitive of the land animals to naturally occurring EM fields emitted from living beings. We believe they can see these fields visually and as such, they can pick up on them from a great distance. The HECS® effect on most common animals like deer and many other mammals generally can be observed at distances under 40 yards. However, we have seen some instances where the effect is apparent at much further distances up to 200 to 300 yards or more. Canines, cats, and bears are very sensitive to EM fields as well and we have seen effects at distances over 200 yards with these animals. A recent discovery found that canines actually have the highly electrically conductive molecule Cryptochrome in their eyes. This is the same molecule that is believed to be responsible for electromagnetic sensitivity in birds. As more and more scientific discoveries are made in this field, the more HECS® technology is being confirmed. There are other factors such as atmospheric conditions and the age and experience of the individual animal that also can affect animal reactions. Sometimes the benefits might be subtle but many times they are obvious and indisputable.

If I am with friends, do they need a suit too?

The short answer is yes if you want the full benefit of the technology. Certainly having any HECS® on will reduce the electrical emission and be beneficial, but to see the full effect of HECS® in the field we strongly recommend that everyone is wearing it.

Remember To Try It On

  • 1. Try HECS gear for a proper fit.

    Try on your HECS gear as soon as you receive it to ensure a proper fit.

  • 2. Try HECS gear for a proper fit.

    If any piece of your order does not fit right, send *only that piece* to HECS regardless of where you purchased it with the original receipt or name, address, phone and what you want to exchange it for.

  • 3. Mailing information for item exhcnage

    581 Industrial Park Road John Day, Oregon 97845 United States

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