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HECS Hunting Camo Advantage

Patented and proven technology to make you less detectable!

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HECS Suits: Do They Really Work? | Joe Rogan and Forrest Galante

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Not a Fabric, It’s a Technology

If your heart is beating and your muscles are moving, you need HECS

Muscle movements, and even your beating heart produce electrical energy which is emitted from our bodies. Animals are capable of detecting these electrical energy emissions, which confirms living beings and movement. HECS is the only hunting camouflage clothing available that blocks your electrical signature, making you less detectable by animals. HECS technology uses a highly conductive and interlocking carbon fiber grid specifically designed to block your electrical energy. This patented grid is woven directly into all HECS fabrics and is lightweight, breathable, and durable.

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Interlocking Carbon Fiber Grid

Breathable and High-Performance Wicking Fabric

Faraday Cage Technology Blocks Electrical Energy Emissions

Lightweight, Long Lasting, Silent Fabric

Guaranteed Fit.
Layer Inside or Outside.

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Get closer than you ever imagined

12 Years

in business

Over a decade of experience in selling patented fabric technology to block
electromagnetic signals.

Over 300K

HECS Systems Sold

Our HECS Systems are widely loved in the hunting community. Our TrueCamo™ technology is made from flexible, breathable fabric, so you’ll have a full range of motion.

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Our HECS System utilizes Faraday Cage Principle to block human’s electric energy emissions.

Build Your Own HECS System

For optimal results, follow our simple step-by-step process to build a complete HECS System which includes shirt, pants, head cover, gloves and socks. Get your own custom HECS System today and discover the difference!

If you need to add to your existing HECS System, click on the links below.

HECS Fabric Meter Test

The Goal is to cover your body as much as possible with HECS technology

It is a well-established medical fact that all living beings emit electrical energy through basic bodily functions as well as muscle contractions when we move. To put it simply it takes an electrical current to stimulate our muscles to move and these extreme low frequency emissions also travel outside our bodies. Science now also knows that many animals, birds and fish can sense these electrical fields and actually use them to tell living beings and movement from inanimate ones.

This meter is designed to measure electrical energy that comes off the human body and also shows the spikes in these emissions when muscle contraction occurs. This is a useful tool to show the electrical blocking effect of HECS technology.
HECS proudly displays in over 30 consumer sport shows all around the country annually and their customers can actually see the meter and use it to measure their own electrical emission and see HECS blocking those emissions.

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The Goal is to cover your body as much as possible with HECS technology #

Forrest Galante is a wildlife biologist, American outdoor adventurer, television personality, and conservationist. He works in the field of wildlife biology, specializing in the exploration of animals on the brink of extinction. He is the host of the television shows Extinct or Alive on Animal Planet and “Mysterious Creatures with Forrest Galante” as well as multiple Shark Week shows.

“HECS is an amazing product that I’ve used for several years that not only helps me get closer to wild game animals but it helps me put more meat in the freezer.”

John Dudley

John Dudley is one of the most accomplished bowhunters of our time. Johns hunting adventures have been chronicled in both print and television for the past 20 years. John is also one of the most respected archery coaches worldwide and his online teaching methods are bringing in new archers in droves every year. John was introduced to archery over 30 years ago as a way to harvest organic wild game for his family.

Ask ten bowhunters to describe their favorite hunt. Likely every hunter would mention words like challenging, exciting, intense, overwhelming, and humbling…… Bowhunting isn’t all about the trophy or the venison. It’s about challenging ones-self to step outside the box.. to go the extra mile. Securing hunting permission, finding the game, patterning and setting stands, and working to bring the hunt full circle. There’s nothing like pulling all the ingredients together, to watch the target animal commit and walk unsuspectingly into bow range. Weeks of work, now boil down to 30 seconds of intense excitement. Top bowhunters all have their own system for success. Location, preparation, timing, wind, and HECS. When you cover all the bases, the odds go up. Go all in on every hunt… as that next adventure may just turn out to be the best of all.

Tom Miranda

Adventure Bowhunter.

The Best
Hunting Technology

HECS hunting gear is created with our patented proven and expertly vetted conductive grid technology that blocks your body’s naturally produced bioelectric emissions. This lets you get closer and get away with more movement than you ever thought possible! This technology makes HECS the best hunting technology out there! Muscle movements produce electrical energy that animals detect and use to identify threats. HECS hunting technology is the best camouflage clothing available because it works both on the visual and electronic levels.

HECS stealthscreen in action

HECS blocks your bio-electric signature, and the new HECStyle pattern blends in visually to any terrain, providing the only true technology option to hunters. We won’t promise that wearing HECS hunting camouflage clothing and hunting gear will make you a better hunter, but it will help you get closer to wildlife in hunting situations. Research shows that when you wear HECS hunting technology, you can get up to 75 percent closer to your prey and reduce your “footprint” on your surroundings, leaving an undisturbed overall environment.

Hunter with HECS technology sees an elk

With hundreds of thousands of units sold, HECS technology is now considered a “must have”technology for anyone who needs to get close and stay undetected by game animals.

HECS Stealthscreen Blog

What Makes HECS Clothing Different From Regular Hunting Gear?
March 30, 2022

What Makes HECS Clothing Different From Regular Hunting Gear?

Now and then we get the question here at HECS so just what makes your camo hunting gear “so special”?  Well, that is an easy one to answer! The short answer is in the fabric construction of all HECS hunting and outdoor products. 
Best Ways to Use HECS Hunting Suit to Your Advantage
March 30, 2022

Best Ways to Use HECS Hunting Suit to Your Advantage

The HECS suit advantage is a substantial edge for any hunter when trying to get closer to game animals or just keep the environment around them calm and serene. 
Is HECS Hunting Technology a Hoax?
March 29, 2022

Is HECS Hunting Technology a Hoax?

I always find it amazing that after 12 years on the market in the hunting space and tens of thousands of satisfied customers we still occasionally see a social media post that asks the question “Is HECS just a gimmick?”  

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Honoring our
Society’s Brave

At HECS, we honor the military and first responder community and are grateful for their services.

We offer a special discount to thank you for your sacrifices and services to our nation.

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Bowhunting a turkey while wearing HECS stealthscreen

We are changing the way
people interact with wildlife

Wearing HECS technology has massive benefits in conservation, biology, and animal husbandry!

When you are wearing HECS technology you are reducing stress and impact on both the animals and the environment giving you a more natural encounter and interaction.

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