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July 7, 2023

HECS Technology added benefit: Users reporting major differences in mosquito aggression

Besides getting you closer to the game, this revolutionary technology also has another awesome benefit. Many users are reporting a marked reduction in the aggression of mosquitoes, some even reporting ditching traditional bug repellents altogether when wearing HECS systems. 

Imagine being out on a hunting trip in a wooded area during summer. You’re wearing traditional hunting clothing — maybe camo long sleeves and pants — but mosquitoes swarm around you despite any sprays or treated clothing you wear to avoid biting insects. Not only is this uncomfortable and distracting while trying to get that perfect shot, but it could also potentially put you at risk for mosquito-borne illnesses.

This is where HECS technology plays a major role for many hunters.

Our HECS® technology is no ordinary hunting gear. It’s a powerful tool that many hunters have observed can used to help mask your presence from mosquitos, as well as larger wild game. HECS® stands for Human Energy Concealment System — and it’s based on the principle that all living things emit a subtle electrical signal.

By containing these emissions using our specialized conductive grid woven into each piece of HECS® clothing, hunters, wildlife photographers, and outdoor enthusiasts  can have an easier time getting closer to their subjects. 

This can give you a better chance of getting a perfect shot of wildlife at their most natural state or for successfully bagging that trophy buck you’ve been tracking for hours.

How Does the HECS Camo Suit Work?

Like other wildlife, mosquitos are also attracted to this signal, and so by wearing HECS Stealthscreen® hunting clothing, you’ll be able to make your presence less detectable to them. HECS®’ unique technology is woven into the fabric of our clothing line, including our anti-mosquito suits for hunting, making your body’s electrical presence less obvious for mosquitos and biting insects to detect.

And because the HECS® system is designed specifically for hunters, it includes features such as reinforced seams,innovative cuts and other special features that make you more comfortable and effective. . This also makes your naturally-occurring bioelectric signature less detectable to mosquitos, flies, and game animals, giving you a significant new advantage in the field.

That said, it’s no surprise that the HECS® systems are also a capable piece of quality hunting, mosquito-repellent clothing — making it HECS® essential for many  hunters who spend time in mosquito-infested areas. By providing a protective electrical barrier that, for many hunters, helps prevent mosquito bites, the HECS® suit may help keep you safe while allowing you to focus on your hunt.

Mosquito-resistant Hunting Clothing: Unleash Your Hunting Potential

Our mosquito-resistant hunting clothing is perfect for many hunters who want to recreate in the great outdoors and unleash their potential with less disturbance by pesky mosquitoes, ticks, no-see-ums, and other biting insects. While not all people will see the same effect due to differences in personal bioelectrical levels and other factors, here are just a few of the benefits you are likely to see when using HECS technology:

  • Maximum Protection: HECS® hunting apparel is designed with a conductive grid woven into the fabric that blocks your natural bioelectrical emissions and helps keep your presence from being easily detected by mosquitos and other biting insects so that you can focus on your hunt without hassle.
  • Comfortable Fit: Our lightweight, breathable fabric is tightly bonded but allows you to move silently and freely, even in hot weather.
  • Ultimate Performance: HECS® hunting clothing is designed to provide the ultimate performance for hunters, giving you the edge you need to succeed.
  • Different Colors: no matter whether you prefer an olive green suit or the system with the patented HECStyle camo pattern? We’ve got them both.

If you’re serious about hunting, you’ll need serious hunting clothing like our HECS® mosquito-resistant hunting clothing — the perfect gear for hunters who demand the best. For many customers HECS gear provides a level of anti-mosquito hunting gear designed to keep you protected and comfortable, no matter what the wilderness or life throws your way.

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Insect Shield Technology: The Alternative to Malaria Medication and Permethrin-Treated Clothing

While the benefits vary from one person to another depending on your specific electrical output and other factors, many HECS customers report that the  the HECS® suit is an innovative solution to the problem of insect-borne diseases like malaria, Zika, West Nile Virus, and Lyme disease. The system uses our HECS StealthScreen™ technology that works similarly to a Faraday cage, effectively stopping the wearer’s natural bioelectrical signature, making them less detectable to both wildlife and often pests such as mosquitos.

While HECS® initially developed this technology for wildlife observation and hunting, it also has significant implications for insect protection for most users. Watch as Forrest Galante talks about how HECS® suits help keep mosquitos at bay on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast.

HECS Suits: Do They Really Work? | Joe Rogan and Forrest Galante - YouTube

Let’s break down how pesky bugs like these perceive you in HECS® clothing.

HECS® clothing is designed to reduce a wearer’s natural electrical emissions, making them less detectable to wild game like deer, turkeys, and other animals. Because game like deer and turkeys possess a high sensitivity to natural electrical emissions, HECS® has designed hunting clothing systems to reduce your bioelectric emissions — and, consequently, your risk of detection.

Mosquitoes and ticks — two of the most common vectors for insect-borne diseases — are also believed to be attracted to their hosts by detecting the bioelectric signature that emanates from them. By blocking these natural emissions, the HECS® system effectively reduces their electrical output to insects, and for most people, to a level that significantly lowers the likelihood of receiving bites and transmitting bug-borne diseases.

For most users, the HECS® suit is also a viable insect abatement alternative to bug sprays, malaria medication, and permethrin-treated clothing and socks, all of which can adversely affect human health. Instead, the HECS® system is a piece of mosquito-repellent hunting clothing that is safe and non-invasive, as it cages in your bioelectrical signature, thus making insects less aware of your presence and thus lowering the chances of them biting most HECS customers.

Experience the HECS® Difference:

Using the latest conductive carbon grid mesh technology, the HECS® patented system provides an added barrier against mosquito bites and allows most hunters to move freely and confidently through mosquito-infested areas.

Whether you’re a seasoned hunter or a novice, the HECS® system is a must-have piece of gear for anyone looking to take their hunting to the next level.

So don’t let mosquitoes and other insects get in the way of your next hunting trip: Gear up with HECS® mosquito-resistant hunting clothing and experience the difference today.

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