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Do I need to cover my camera or cell phone? Won’t animals pick up on that?

While it is indisputable that our electronic devices do emit electronic energy, it is very important to realize that man-made electronics in any form have only been around for a very short time on an evolutionary level. What we emit as living beings is an extremely low-frequency field and is very different from energy fields emitted by common electronics.

While there is some debate on whether or not animals can sense these wavelengths of energy, we can say with certainty that they have not had enough evolutionary time to develop a natural defense mechanism to those fields. Living beings have been emitting these fields for eons and thus animals, birds, and fish have developed natural sensitivity to these fields and instinctively react to them.

With that said, however, we have heard many reports of HECS® material being used as covers to make game cameras less detectable. This is certainly a feasible concept and ongoing research is in the process to verify to what extent our technology can affect these devices.

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