HECS® High Performance Hunting Socks

$ 39.99

  • Made of 72% acrylic / 18% nylon / 5% conductive carbon / 3% polyester / 2% Lycra®.
  • Sizes: Small  (5.5 up to 10), Large (10 to 13)


SKU: 112SK
Product Description

The HECS® high performance hunting socks are the perfect addition to other HECS® hunting apparel. These durable hunting socks are perfect for when you’re out hunting because of their comfortable materials and quality construction.

In addition, these high performance hunting boot socks features unique HECS® patented technology. If you haven’t heard about this, let us share. All of our hunting apparel (including these hunting socks) is made to prevent the electrical energy your body puts out when you move from being detected. Animals can pick up on this energy, which means they can sense when you’re around. It’s simple. When your heart is beating and your muscles are contracting, you’re emitting an electrical current.

HECS® hunting clothing is great for those who are avid hunters. These high performance hunting socks make for a perfect combination to your other hunting gear. They’re perfect for wearing under your boots and they’ll keep your feet warm while you’re outside for extended periods of time.

With our exclusive hunting apparel and high performance socks, you’ll have a unique experience in the wild. When animals don’t know you’re around, you can see them acting more naturally in their environment. With HECS®, hunting won’t be the same as before. We’re all about providing you that valuable experience.

HECS® socks feature a conductive carbon grid that now allows you to be covered head to toe in HECS® signal-blocking technology.

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