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Safari Hunting Clothes — Shirt and Pants Sold Separately

$ 39.99$ 59.99

  • Small: WAIST: 28-30″ | INSEAM 26″ | CHEST: 30–34″
  • Medium: WAIST: 30-32″ | INSEAM 27″| CHEST: 34–38″
SKU: SC001
Product Description

The HECS® Safari wildlife shirt and pants is designed for individuals who love to observe, photograph, or interact closely and safely with wildlife. This classic safari design is lightweight and extremely comfortable. With the use of the patented HECS® technology, our wildlife safari shirt and pants will allow you to be more immersed in the natural environment.

Special Offer! With your purchase you will be part of the product development process and getting a huge discount as well!-This is a limited first edition run of our new Safari gear. You will see the proven benefits of HECS technology, but we have also included many other features that we believe the outdoor enthusiast will enjoy. With that said, we also know that the best way to improve our product is to get it out in real world conditions and get direct feedback from our customers. So we are asking for your help! We have a very limited supply and are offering the Safari gear at a price over $100 under MSRP. This will help us attain true real world testing and get your valuable feedback of fit feel and style of the gear all while you get great gear at a huge savings. We will be requesting feedback from all customers who purchase the new Safari gear so we can make generation 2 even better! This is a great way to get a great product at a very low price while being an actual part of HECS future product development.

IMPORTANT NOTICE! In order for you to experience the full benefit of HECS® Technology it is important that both the HECS® shirt and pants be used together.

What’s unique about HECS® clothing? HECS® has developed clothing that blocks wavelengths that are naturally produced from our bodies when our hearts beat or our muscles move. This type of technology is found in your average microwave lining the door. We took this concept and we added it into our fabric. This combination has proven to prevent the electrical energy we put out from escaping.

The HECS® safari style wildlife shirt and pants allow for flexibility outdoors and they’re tailored to be functional for both men and women. With this excellent safari shirt and pants, you can get closer to wildlife and see the animals act naturally because they won’t sense your wavelengths. Our safari wildlife shirt and pants features:

  • Sleeves you can roll up and fasten with a button for better mobility
  • Double chest pockets
  • Secure zipper pocket
  • Multi-panel construction for increased flexibility and comfort

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