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HECSTYLE™ Hoodie System

Hidden in Plain Sight ™

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HECStyle™ Hoodie With Integrated Face Cover

Professional Tip: For optimal results, follow our simple step-by-step process to build a complete HECS System which includes shirt, pants and head cover.

Sizing Chart

High-Performance Baselayer Pant

Only one pair Outerwear Hunting Pant or High-Performance Baselayer Pant is required

HECS Outerwear Hunting Pant

Only one pair Outerwear Hunting Pant or High-Performance Baselayer Pant is required

Product Description



  • HECS® conductive carbon fiber grid is woven into fabric
  • High-performance wicking fabric keeps you warm and dry
  • Integrated face cover, thumbholes, and hoodie pocket
  • Machine washable with your favorite laundry detergent | Click Here for care and warranty information
  • Hang dry for longest life or dry on low heat for 5 minutes


You asked, and we heard you! Finally, we made super comfortable and quiet pants that are designed to be worn specifically as an outer layer! These pants are made from a lightweight, quiet and extremely comfortable fabric that is perfect for any season or type of hunting, and of course it has our HECS® patented technology woven right in!
features include

  • Exceptional fit and comfort for any type of hunting. Use these in the hottest weather or add your favorite insulated under layer in colder conditions
  • Generous pockets front and rear as well as a convenient zipper leg pocket perfect for your HECS accessories or your mobile device
  • The rear pockets have a unique flap design to keep items in place while still allowing easy access
  • Articulated knee cut allows full range of motion and our reinforced stitching keeps the pants together under the most strenuous conditions
  • Available in both HECStyle camo patterns as well as a solid brown
  • Patented HECS technology is woven right in so there is no need to add an additional HECS layer for full coverage


HECS® now offers individual product items that previously required a 3-piece suit bundle for all of your replacement needs.

The HECS® hunting base layer is designed to be a layer you wear under your hunting clothes for the colder temperatures.

This high-performance hunting base layer from HECS® gives hunters a full range of mobility while keeping them warm. Our hunting base layer system is designed with the famous, patented HECS® technology that blocks the natural wavelengths our bodies put off.

The pants are form fitting and have serge stitching throughout them.

The HECS® difference is our patented technology. Our clothing is made to block the electrical energy that our bodies naturally put off. Animals, birds and fish use this energy for migration purposes and to sense their surroundings. This technology is commonly found on the doors of an average microwave (which is put in place for our safety). At HECS®, this type of technology is woven into our fabrics and allows you to get closer to wildlife.

  • HECS® conductive carbon fiber grid is woven into base layer fabric
  • High-performance wicking fabric keeps you warm and dry
  • 77% poly 15% conductive carbon 8% spandex
  • Bottom: Logo waistband and adjustable fly
  • Machine washable
  • U.S.A Technology

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